The General McLane "Dream" Wrestling Teams
Tim Harrison (1976). 138 lbs. State Champ.
Jake Keene (2004).  8th Place at the 2004 PIAA Championships.
Hayden Harrison (2004). 5th Place at the 2004 PIAA Championships.
Brad Weber. 1987 PA State Champ.


Newest addition to the Dream Team:

Andrew Brest:
112 Career Wins/44 pins,
1 time section champ, 2 time district champ,
4 time district place winner, 2 time regional runner up,
2 time state qualifier


106 Keith Scharrer * ANDREW BREST
113 Joe Wheeling * Shawn Trapp
120 Jake Keene * Cyrus Parlin
126 No Entry
132 Donald Osinski * Brandon Saraceno * Luke Harrison
138 Tim Wheeling * Eric Zelina
145 Hadley Harrison * Deane Twitchell
152 Owen Watkins * Keller Watkins * Hayden Harrison
Hudson Harrison *
DJ Myers
160 Ossie Bowers * Ryan Dunlap * Tyler Hendricks
170 Branden Stearns
182 No Entry
195 Ethan Laird * Chris Laird
220 Ian Mallory * Travis Bryant
285 Caleb Baker
Coach Ryan Cook * Tim Mulholland
103 Bill Kirdahy


Brett Campbell


Greg Leehan * Sam Glossner * Jason Hiltabidel


Phil Frndak * Monty Kuligowski * Al Kirdahy * Pat Harrison


Ted Hutchison * Keith Frndak


Tim Harrison * Dan Harrison * Matt Caro * Chad DeForce


Matt Seth * Gerry Goss


J.J. Renick * Jeff Ireland


Dennis Skelton * CJ Barbaro


Mike Caro * Tommy Kirdahy


Bradd Weber * Frank Myers * J.J. Brown * Eric Groendahl * Chris Gillette
HWT John Byrtus * Ken Chernicky
Coach Steve Samol * Gil Troutman


Note: The "Dream Team" was compiled by the webmaster and coaches using all of the information that was available. Some of you may wonder why some of the wrestlers listed here are even on the list, since they may not have been Section or District champs. Please bear in mind that prior to the late 70's, a wrestler could not advance unless he placed 1st and there were no wrestlebacks. Advancing was much more difficult in those days under the single elimination system.

I am open to suggestions for additions to the "Dream Team" from present and former coaches and former wrestlers. Email me with your suggestions.

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