News from January...2010
Baker Wins Fred Bell Title
Wheeling and Bryant Place

Caleb Baker's ride home from Grove City had to be much more enjoyable than last year's. Baker went into last year's Fred Bell Tournament seeded second, but had to settle for 6th place due to an injury he suffered in the quarterfinal round. Not this year! Caleb chewed up four straight opponents on his way to the 285 title.

Baker had a couple of pins and a 2-1 win over Prep's Anthony Szymczak in the semis. But Caleb really shined in the finals when he beat 2009 NY state qualifier, Kacee Sauer of Holly, NY. Caleb completely dominated Sauer, who was named one of Wrestling USA Magazine's Best High School Underclassmen for 2009-2010.

Tim Wheeling, who was the lone McLane champion at Fred Bell last year, had to settle for 2nd place this time. Tim easily made the finals, disposing of four straight opponents, but couldn't get an offense going against Commodore Perry's state ranked, Nate Dias in the finals.

Travis Bryant finished 4th at Fred Bell last year. He duplicated that feat at this year's tournament, but in a slightly more dramatic fashion. Travis dropped a 4-3 decision to Prep's Logan Thompson in the preliminary round, but then bounced back with five consecutive wins. The last of those five wins was a 1-0 nail biter over Thompson. Bryant posted five falls, giving him 20 on the season and vaulting him into the GM record books for "Season Falls." Travis also became the first McLane wrestler to break the 30 win mark this season.

Dalton Lester and Tom Nuhfer came up one match short of placing at the tournament. Both wrestlers posted 3-2 records and were eliminated in the consolation quarterfinals.


Team Scores: 1. Cathedral Prep (CP) 225, 2. McDowell (Mc) 211, 3. Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio (CV) 171, 4. Commodore Perry (Comm) 154. 5. Mercer (M) 115.5, 6. General McLane (GM) 108, 7. Clarion (Cl) 104, 8. Redbank Valley (RV) 95, 9. Hickory (H) 93.5, 10. Warren (W) 89, 11. Northwestern (Nw) 84, 12. Cochranton (Coc) 82, Franklin (Fr) 82, 14. Holley, N.Y. (Holl) 81.5, 15. Conneaut Lake (CL) 80.5, 16. Lakeview (Lv) 67, 17. Jamestown (J) 64.5, 18. Curwensville (Cur) 62, 19. Grove City (GC) 57.5, 20. Titusville (Tv) 57, 21. Eisenhower (Eis) 52, 22. Sharpsville (Sv) 40, 23. Laurel (L) 38.5, 24. North East (NE), Oil City (OC), West Middlesex (WM) 37, 27. Fairview (Fv) 3.

103 pounds: Nathan Tomasello (CV) md Paul Deitz (Mc) 10-1.
112: Nate Dias (Comm) md Tim Wheeling (GM) 13-0.
119: John Agnello (CP) p Trevor Graham (Fr) 5:17.
125: Quinton Murphy (Holl) d Derek Brothers (Cur) 9-3.
130: Steve Spearman (Mc) p Mike McBryde (CP) 1:33.
135: Trevor McCauley (RV) d Dylan Reinsel (Cl) 6-1.
140: Tyler Parsons (CP) d Jake Rendulic (CL) 5-3.
145: Brandon Sommers (CV) d Khlique Harris (Mc) 3-1.
152: Kyla Mariacher (M) d Brandon Collins (Comm) 2-1.
160: Tyler Gargano (H) d Wes Phipps (GC) 12-7.
171: Alex Utley (CV) d Jermaine Easter (CP) 4-2.
189: Steve Ceremuga (Comm) d Jared Merritt (Nw) 11-4.
215: Brian Hooks (Comm) md Sean Baylor (Holl) 13-1.
285: Caleb Baker (GM) d Kacee Sauer (Holl) 1-0.

Third-place finals
103 pounds: Jonas Reaugh (J) d Landon Clayton (Lv) 8-4.
112: Nick Gibson (Mc) d Mike Bauer (Cl) 3-2.
119: Jake Kellar (Cur) d Nathan Stidham (H) 11-5.
125: Matt Bryer (Coc) d Amani Bosko (W) 3-2.
130: Tyler McCauley (RV) d Alec Gawne (M) 4-0.
135: Zak Vargo (CV) d David Osterberg (Nw) 6-0.
140: Ian Chiesa (Nw) d Aaron Mills (H) 2-1.
145: Mikel Boughner (Coc) d Alex Gunter (Cl) 5-2.
152: Dave Heynoski (CP) d Jacob Shevitz (Fr) 1-0.
160: Matt Meadows (CV) d Grant Chase (CP) 4-3 OT.
171: Dennis Diodati (CL) p Matt Scheimer (Comm) 4:11.
189: Tyler Lewis (Lv) p Colter Johnson (W) 1:40.
215: Mike Weissinger (Mc) p Travis Bryant (GM) 2:41.
285: Ryan Benson (WM) md Tyler Covatto (Mc) 9-1.


Individual GM Wrestlers at the 2010 Fred Bell Tournament

103-Kyle Kuntz
Pigt: Clayton (LV) wbf Kuntz 3:56
Cons: John-Scott Somora (GC) wbf Kuntz 3:45

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

112-Tim Wheeling
Pigt: Wheeling wbf Kyle Shorts (W) 1:05
Prelim: Wheeling wbtf Adam Sallot (CP) 19-4
QF: Wheeling wbmd Mike Bauer (Cl) 11-1
SF: Wheeling wbd Nick Gibson (McD) 7-0
F: Nate Dias (Com P) wbmd Wheeling 13-0

Tourn Record: 4-1 (2ND PLACE)

119-Nate Ferrick
Pigt: Breitenstein (L) wbd Ferrick 6-4

Cons: Jake Kellar (Cur) wbf Ferrick :26

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

125-Parker McDermott
Prelim: Murphy (H) wbf McDermott 2:52
Cons: McDermott wbd Joey Beck (Clar) 7-3
Cons: Jacob Smith (H) wbmd McDermott 14-2

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

130-Zac Chivari
Pigt: Tim Banks (Hy) wbtf Chivari 17-1.
Cons: Joey Pagliaroli (Sharp) wbd Chivari 8-4

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

135-DJ Myers
Pigt: Myers wbf Smith (CL) 3:07
Prelim: Myers wbf Peterson (CoP) 2:55
QF: Trevor McCauley (RV) wbmd Myers 12-2
Cons: Colt Camden (OC) wbf Myers 1:46

Tourn Record: 2-2 (DNP)

140-Zach Baumgartner
Bauer (C) wbd Baumgartner 10-8
Cons: Baumgartner wbtf Jason Baker (Cur) 18-0 2:30
Cons: Travis Adams (Fr) wbf Baumgartner 3:23

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

145-Tyler Hendricks
Pigt: Klenz (NE) wbd Hendricks 9-7
Cons: Brandon Bailey wbd Hendricks 3-1


160-Dalton Lester
Pigt: Lester wbf Anthony (J) 1:10
Prelim: Lester wbd Svetz (NE) 4-2
QF: Tyler Gargano (H) wbmd Lester 10-2
Cons: Lester wbmd Cody Johnson (OC) 9-1
Cons QF: Chase (CP) wbd Lester 4-2

Tourn Record: 3-2 (DNP)

171-Tom Nuhfer
Pigt: Nuhfer wbf Richards (M) 1:06
Prelim: Nuhfer wbmd Michael (Hk) 16-3
QF: Jermaine Easter (CP) wbtf Nuhfer 17-2 4:07
Cons: Nuhfer wbd Buchleitner (RV) 5-3
Cons QF: Bucher (Sharp) wbd Nuhfer 4-1

Tourn Record: 3-2 (DNP)

189-Doug Myers
Prelim: Lewis (LV) wbmd Myers 8-0
Cons: Myers wb inj def Chris Stamp (J)
Cons: Cons: Tom Moon (McD) wbd Myers 6-2

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

215-Travis Bryant
Pigt: Bryant wbf Crone (W) :06
Prelim: Logan Thompson (CP) wbd Bryant 4-3
Cons: Bryant WBF Darell Miller CL :10
Cons: Bryant wbf Brad Ferguson (Lv) :17
Cons: Bryant wbf Johnson (Eisenhower) :13
Cons QF: Bryant wbf Warner (Titiusville) :12
Cons SF: Bryant wbd Logan Thompson (CP) 1-0
3rd/4th: Mike Weissinger (Mc) wbf Bryant 2:41

Tourn Record: 6-2 (4TH PLACE)

285-Caleb Baker
Prelim: Baker wbf Pintagro (Co) :41
QF: Baker wbf Byron Kress (M) 3:23
SF: Baker wbd Anthony Szymczak(CP) 2-1
F: Baker wbd Kacee Sauer (Holl) 2-1

Tourn Record: 4-0 (1ST PLACE)


GM Wrestlers Impressive In Win Over McDowell

To say that the Mclane wrestling team was impressive Wednesday night at McDowell would be an understatement. To a man, they fought like gladiators from the the opening whistle to the very end of every match. The result was a Region 4 upset over McDowell at their house.

Tom Nuhfer got the team off to a great start with a second period pin over Drew Cobert. Doug Myers followed with a hard fought, 5-3 win at 189 lbs. Travis Bryant got off to a slow start and trailed in his bout with Mike Weissinger, but the 215 pounder kept chipping and came out on top, 9-4. Caleb Baker followed at 285 lbs. with his 17th pin of the season over Tyler Covatto. That made the score, GM-18 McDowell-0.

The Trojans picked up a win by fall at 103 to make it 18-6. At 103 lbs., Tim Wheeling was in trouble late in his bout with Nick Gibson. He was trailing 1-0 in the 3rd period when Gibson was hit with a couple of penalty points. Tim scored a late takedown and hung on for a 6-3 win. At 119, Brandon Horn ground out a 6-4 decision over Devin Bogart, giving the Lancers a commanding 24-6 lead. But McDowell would start to close the gap after that.

Dylan Matz, Steve Spearman and Cody Nolan posted 3 consecutive wins for the Trojans, cutting the McLane lead to 24-20. DJ Myers and Zach Chivari lost during that McDowell run, but both wrestlers turned in valiant efforts. Chivari avoided being pinned by Spearman (ranked #1 in the state) a couple of times during their bout. That team point could have proven to be the difference in the outcome if things hadn't gone the Lancers way in the evening's final bout.

At 140 lbs., Zac Baumgartner once again showed why his photo is next to the word "heart" in the dictionary. Zac, who was wrestling with a sore shoulder, battled back from a couple of deficits to tie the match at the end of regulation. He gave up an escape in the first overtime session, but came back with a reversal before giving up another escape. He took the bottom position in the sudden victory period and secured a 10-8 win. That made it, 27-20, GM.

The Trojans pulled to within single point, 27-26 with a forfeit win at 145, but Tyler Hendricks and Dalton Lester weren't going to let it get any closer. Hendricks, who just returned to the lineup from an injury, pulled out a come-from-behind, 6-5 win over Jim Paulson at 152. That made the team score, 30-26 McLane.

Dalton Lester was locked in a scoreless battle with veteran, Ryan Kenski after one period when he chose bottom to start the second. Kenski put the boots in, but Dalton grabbed his head and pulled Kenski's shoulders flat to the mat. Final score, General McLane 36 McDowell 26.

The McLane wrestling team will be back in action this weekend at the Fred Bell Tournament in Grove City.


General McLane 36 McDowell 26
171: Tom Nuhfer (GM) wbf Drew Cobert 2:15.
189: Doug Myers (GM) wbd Tom Moon 5-3.
215: Travis Bryant (GM) wbd Mike Weissinger 9-4.
285: Caleb Baker (GM) wbf Tyler Covatto 1:50.
103: Paul Deitz (M) wbf Kyle Kuntz 3:00.
112: Tim Wheeling (GM) wbd Nick Gibson 6-3.
119: Brandon Horn (GM) wbd Devin Bogart 6-4.
125: Dylan Matz (M) wbf Parker McDermott 1:35.
130: Steve Spearman (M) wbtf Zach Chivari 17-2 (2:53).
135: Cody Nolan (M) wbd DJ Myers 3-2.
140: Zac Baumgartner (GM) wbd Mike Vollant 10-8 (SV).
145: Khlique Harris (M) wbff.
152: Tyler Hendricks (GM) wbd Jim Paulson 6-5.
160: Dalton Lester (GM) wbf Ryan Kenski 1:39.


Lancer Wrestling Team Places 4th at Bison Duals

The GM wrestling team finished in 4th place with a 3-2 record this weekend at the Clearfield Bison Duals, despite having to forfeit 3 weight classes in two of their dual meets. Zac Baumgartner and Tyler Hendricks both suffered injuries during practice this week. Zac was able to wrestle in only two of the contests and Tyler was sidelined for the entire weekend.

The Lancers posted wins over Port Allegheny, Curwensville and Bradford, while suffering losses at the hands of unbeaten District 9 powerhouse, Clearfield and Greenville.

Tim Wheeling and D.J. Myers joined a group of five Lancer wrestlers who have posted 20 or more wins on the season. Dalton Lester currently leads the team with 25 wins.

Wheeling and Lester both posted perfect, 5-0 records at the Duals. Dalton had a very satisfying revenge win over Greenville's Tyler Lanfrieid. Landfreid had beaten him earlier in the month in the Tool City Tournament semifinals. Lester also handed Bradford's Jake McMurtie his first loss of the season.

Brandon Horn, Matt Campbell, Travis Bryant and Caleb Baker all had 4 wins against 1 loss. DJ Myers and Doug Myers both went 3-2. Baker's only loss was a 7-6 dandy to Greenville's Dillon Sarcinella (state ranked-13th AA). Matt Campbell has been a real asset to the team in a backup roll this season. Campbell was 4-1 at the Bison Duals and has been victorious in 14 of his 19 varsity matches.

Coach Cook was actually able to convince an official he missed a call this weekend. Christian Stone of Clearfield had applied an illegal scissors to Tim Wheeling's head just before going out of bounds. Coach Cook pointed it out to the official and Wheeling was awarded the point. It turned out to be a crucial point too...Tim clung to a precarious 1-0 lead until Stone was forced to attempt an unsuccessful desperation move with just 15 ticks left on the clock.

News and Notes: Congrats to Coach Cook for posting his 75th coaching win against Bradford. Only 3 McLane wrestling coaches have more wins than Coach Cook. They are: Coach Steve Samol (1965-75/100 Wins), Coach Tim Mulholland (1986-88 and 1994-2004/137 Wins) and Coach Gil Troutman (1979-86/80 Wins).


General Mclane: 40 Port Allegheny: 33
103: Kyle Kuntz (GM) WBTF Lucas Manning 4:51
112: Tim Wheeling (GM) WBF Brian Lacher 1:32
119: Brandon Horn (GM) WBMD Marcus Borowski 12-0
125: Branden Goodreau (PA) WBF McDermott, Parker 5:42 ????
130: Chester Tanner (PA) WBF Zack Chivari 3:10
135: Ryan Kio (PA) WBD DJ Myers 10-3
140: Brad Goodreau (PA) WBFF
145: Ben Baxter (PA) WBFF
152: Alex Gular (PA) WBFF
160: Dalton Lester (GM) WBD Adam Greenman 4-2
171: Matt Campbell (GM) WBF Josh Fox 3:46
189: Doug Myers (GM) WBF James Nelis 5:01
215: Travis Bryant (GM) WBF Trent Neal 1:36
285: Caleb Baker (GM) WBMD Zach Manning 9-0


General Mclane: 46 Curwensville: 30
103: Jordan Russel (Curw) WBF Kyle Kuntz 3:41
112: Tim Wheeling (GM) WBFF
119: Brandon Horn (GM) WBF Greg Koptchak :41
125: Parker McDermott (GM) WBMD Nathan Wriglesworth 15-2
130: Derek Brothers (Curw) WBF Zach Chivari 3:04
135: DJ Myers (GM) WBMD Hunter Mccracken 13-1
140: Brett Sutika (Curw) WBFF
145: Jason Baker (Curw) WBFF
152: Wes Mcgarry (Curw) WBFF
160: Dalton Lester (GM) WBMD Kyle Kyler 8-0
171: Matt Campbell (GM) WBMD Alex Holland 9-1
189: Doug Myers (GM) WBF Chad Desmett 1:56
215: Travis Bryant (GM) WBFF
285: Caleb Baker (GM) WBF Bryan Zemba 1:39


Clearfield: 44 General McLane: 20
103 - Shane Peters (CL) WBF Kyle Kuntz, 1:32
112 - Tim Wheeling (GM) WBD Christian Stone, 6-0
119 - Nolan Barger (CL) WBMD Brandon Horn, 16-6
125 - Kodie Lowder (CL) WBF Parker McDermott, 1:07
130 - Max VonGunden (CL) WBF Zack Chivari, 1:44
135 - Andrew Hill (CL) WBD DJ Myers, 10-4
140 - Zac Baumgartner (GM) WBTF Shane Harper, 20-5 (4:56)
145 - Derek Danver (CL) WBFF
152 - Kody Hepfer (CL) WBFF
160 - Dalton Lester (GM) WBD Will Beauseigneur, 2-0
171 - Logan Shadeck (CL) WBMD Matt Campbell, 14-4
189 - Cliff Hill (CL) WBD Doug Myers, 15-8
215 - Travis Bryant (GM) WBD Andre Buck 6-4
285 - Caleb Baker (GM) WBF Ryan Renaud 1:24


General Mclane: 43 Bradford: 27
103: Evan Smith (Bradf) WBF Kyle Kuntz 2:09
112: Tim Wheeling (GM) WBMD Luke McMurtie 9-1
119: Brandon Horn (GM) WBF Ryan Vanguilder 4:40
125: Parker McDermott (GM) WBF Travis Laird :45
130: Gage Bunker (Bradf) WBF Zach Chivari 5:39
135: DJ Myers (GM) WBD Zach Birtton 3-1 SV
140: Matt Ostrander (Bradf) WBD Zac Baumgartner 9-6
145: Ryan Orner (Bradf) WBFF
152: Dylan Lamberson (Bradf) WBFF
160: Dalton Lester (GM) WBD Jake McMurtie 8-4
171: Matt Campbell (GM) WBF Kyle Colosimo 2:50
189: Doug Myers (GM) WBD Zach Smith 5-3
215: Travis Bryant (GM) WBFF
285: Caleb Baker (GM) WBFF


Greenville: 39 General Mclane: 24
103: Kuntz Kyle (GM) WBD Matt Wilkerson 10-5
119: Tim Wheeling (GM) WBD Jake Brown 4-0
125: Brandon Horn (GM) WBF Jake Riffe 5:16
130: Blake Horne (Grnv) WBF Zach Chivari 5:02
135: DJ Myers (GM) WBFF
140: Cody Copeland (Grnv) WBFF
145: Randy Perkins (Grnv) WBFF
152: David Haliga (Grnv) WBFF
160: Dalton Lester (GM) WBD Tyler Lanfrieid 8-4 SV
171: Matt Campbell (GM) WBD Ryan Kuhn 9-4
189: RJ Malson (Grnv) WBF Doug Myers 1:20
215: Nick Weaver (Grnv) WBF Travis Bryant 2:43
285: Dillon Sarcinella (Grnv) WBD Caleb Baker 7-6


GM Wrestlers Go 6-1 at Corry Duals

The McLane wrestling team came close to going unbeaten at the Corry Duals, but as the saying goes, "close only counts in horseshoes." Only a 1 point deduction for unsportsmanlike conduct kept the Pride 'N Poise boys from winning all seven of their weekend matchups. What seemed like a very bad call to most of us in the stands turned out to be the Lancers undoing in the Corry match.

During the 189 lbs. bout, Doug Myers reversed Nash Walters straight to his back. The referee rightly stopped the match to avoid a potential injury to the Corry wrestler. What was inexplicable, was the fact that only 1 point was awarded to Myers instead of the 2 he should have revceived for an obvious reversal. Coach Cook simply asked the official about the call after being invited to the head table and was immediately hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct. It was one of the most bizzare calls this fan has ever witnessed.

Three McLane wrestlers had perfect weekends. Tim Wheeling (112), Zac Baumgartner (140) and Caleb Baker (285) all had 7-0 records. Also going unbeaten were: Nate Ferrick (1-0), Dalton Lester (6-0) and Matt Campbell (4-0). Of Wheeling's 7 wins, 5 came by way of fall. Caleb Baker and Zac Baumgartner had 4 pins apiece. One of Baker's big wins was a 17-1 technical fall over state ranked (19th AA), Patrick Malcomb of Southside Beaver.

Freshman, Parker McDermott made his varsity debut and picked up 3 wins and 2 stretch jobs. One of McDermott's wins was over last year's District 10 fourth placer, Alan Royek of Corry. Nate Ferrick and Bryan Campbell also picked up their first varsity wins.

Zack Chivari and D.J. Myers both posted 6-1 records. Tom Nuhfer went 4-1, Travis Bryant and Brandon Horn both won 5 and lost 2. Also posting winning records over the weekend were Kyle Kuntz (4-3), Parker McDermott (3-2) and Tyler Hendricks (4-3).

Dalton Lester, Travis Bryant and Caleb Baker all reached the 20 win plateau this past weekend. Baker's ran his record to 20 wins against 4 losses, Lester is 20-5 and Bryant is 20-6.

GM ran it's overall dual meet record to 7-2 / 6-2 in Region 4. The Lancers will be back in action this weekend at the Bison Duals in Clearfield.


Corry 33 General McLane 32*
103-Kuntz (GM) wbf Kylee Buell 1:22
112-Wheeling (GM) wbtf Levi Cataflu 23-8 5:29
119-Austin Gillihan (C) wbtf Horn 20-3 6:00
125-McDermott (GM) wbd Alan Royek 2-0
130-Chivari (GM) wbmd Dominic Brown 8-0
135-DJ Myers (GM) wbd Scouten 6-2
140-Baumgartner (GM) wbd Cody Bailey 4-0
145-Jake Kondrlick (C) wb forfeit
152-Jesse Preisler (C) wbf Hendricks 1:37
160-Lester (GM) wbd Zac Morris 7-4
171-Dustin Taubert (C) wbf Nuhfer 5:37
189-Nash Walters (C) wbd Doug Myers 9-4
215-Michael Pollard (C) wbf Bryant 1:28
285-Baker (GM) wbf Seeley 1:29
*Corry won on criteria after an unsportsmanlike conduct call on McLane.

General McLane 59 Warren 15
103-Kuntz (GM) wbf Mike Himes1:34
112-Wheeling (GM) wbf Kyle Shorts 1:33
119-Horn (GM) wbf Height 3:25
125-McDermott (GM) wbf Drew Williams :55
130-Amani Bosko (W) wbtf Chivari 18-3 4:41
135-DJ Myers (GM) wbf Adam Barride 4:58
140-Baumgartner (GM) wbd Corey Barride 15-8
145-Curtis DeLattre (W) wbmd Hendricks 15-5
152-Grant Brown (W) wb forfeit
160-Lester (GM) wbf Drew Johnson 3:33
171-M Campbell (GM) wbmd McNeil 12-4
189-Doug Myers (GM) wbmd Colter Johnson 11-2
215-Bryant (GM) wbf Crown :24
285-Baker (GM) wbf Robert Brown 1:30

General McLane 69 Central Tech 9
103-Kuntz (GM) wb forfeit
112-Wheeling (GM) wbf Mello 1:55
119-Horn (GM) wbf Loureano 1:48
125-Tarbell (CT) wbd McDermott 5-4
130-Chivari (GM) wbtf Lattore 16-0 (4:00)
135-DJ Myers (GM) wb forfeit
140-Baumgartner (GM) wbmd Silvis 12-2
145-Hendricks (GM) wbf Dyquain Rogers 5:49
152-Querra (CT) wb forfeit
160-Lester (GM) wb forfeit
171-Nuhfer (GM) wb forfeit
189-M Campbell (GM) wbf Andrew Welton 5:49
215-Bryant (GM) wb forfeit
285-Baker (GM) wbf Lockwood 1:17

General McLane 41 Meadville 32
103-George Burrows (M) wbf Kuntz :56
112-Wheeling (GM) wbf Zac Luben 2:44
119-Horn (GM) wbmd Quentin Banks 12-0
125-Shelton Mack (M) wb forfeit
130-Chivari (GM) wbmd Mervine17-4
135-Kasey Davis (M) wbf DJ Myers 1:49
140-Baumgartner (GM) wbf Jimmy Shields 1:42
145-Nick Limano (M) wb forfeit
152-Hendricks (GM) wbd Ray Gonzalez 9-7
160-Zach Towers (M) wbtf B Campbell 16-0 4:32
171-Lester (GM) wb forfeit
189-M Campbell (GM) wbf Fred Stritzinger 2:13
215-Kevin Thompson (M) wbd Bryant 6-2
285-Baker (GM) wb forfeit

General McLane 44 Titusville 24
103-Ryan Ward (T) wbf Kuntz 1:38
112-Wheeling (GM) wbtf Zack Donovan 15-0 (3:49)
119-Nate Ferrick (GM) wbd Troy Beauchat 9-5
125-Horn (GM) wb forfeit
130-Chivari (GM) wbd Devon Beach 5-3
135-DJ Myers (GM) wbf Derek Schneider 1:25
140-Baumgartner (GM) wbf Knapp 1:09
145-Trevor Foly (T) wbd Hendricks 4-2
152-Dylan Huffman (T) wb forfeit
160-Cody Bruntz (T) wbd B Campbell 8-5
171-Nuhfer (GM) wbd Jake Burnside 7-5 OT
189-Joel Kerr (T) wbf Doug Myers 1:59
215-Bryant (GM) wbf Nate Warner 1:58
285-Baker (GM) wbf Van Stefaniszyn 1:25

General McLane 57 Southside 11
103-Reckner (SS) wbtf Kuntz 15-0 (4:00)
112-Wheeling (GM) wbf Martin 4:43
119-Horn (GM) wbf McHaffie 2:54
125-Payne (SS) wbf McDermott 5:30
130-Chivari (GM) wbmd Clark 11-0
135-DJ Myers (GM) wbf Stiger 3:04
140-Baumgartner (GM) wbf Checken 4:39
145-No match
152-Hendricks (GM) wbf Cable 3:06
160-Lester (GM) wbmd martz 14-6
171-Nuhfer (GM) wbf Luff 1:09
189-M Campbell (GM) wbd Marsh 3-1 OT
215-Bryant (GM) wb forfeit
285-Baker (GM) wbtf Malcomb 16-1 (6:00)
*One pt. was deducted from Mclane for unsportsmanlike conduct.

General McLane 63 Franklin 9
103 Kuntz (GM) wb forfeit
112 Wheeling (GM) WBF Jordan Foster :42
119 Trevor Graham (F) wbd Horn 19-5
125 McDermott (GM) WBF Brandon Kenyon 2:27
130 Chivari (GM) wbd Josh Harper 8-1
135 DJ Myers (GM) wbmd Kyler Jolley 12-2
140 Baumgartner (GM) WBF Chris Matthews 4:43
145 Hendricks (GM) wbd Cody Dunmeir 12-6
152 Steven Evenitz (F) wb forfeit
160 Lester (GM) wb forfeit
171 B Campbell (GM) wb forfeit
189 Nuhfer (GM) wbf Devin Dolan 1:11
215 Bryant (GM) wbtf Dan Grove 16-0 2:17
285 Baker (GM) wb forfeit


Lancers Drop Dual at Prep, 42-25

Missing five starters, the McLane wrestling team dropped to 1-1 on the season with a loss to the Prep Ramblers on Wednesday evening at Cathedral Prep.

The Lancers started the match with a 9-0 lead when Travis Bryant and Caleb Baker both notched wins. After a loss at 103, Tim Wheeling scored a major decision over Adam Sallot to give GM a 13-6 lead, but that lead evaporated for good when the Lancers lost next three bouts, 2 of them by forfeit.

DJ Myers, Dalton Lester and Matt Campbell also picked up wins in the losing effort. Even though the Lancers came out on the short end of the score, DJ Myers and Travis Bryant showed their heart, determination and conditioning by winning their bouts in overtime.

The GM wrestlers will be back in action this weekend at the Corry Duals.

Prep 42 General McLane 25
215 Travis Bryant (GM) wbd Logan Thompson 4-3 OT
285 Caleb Baker (GM) wb forfeit
103 Beau Coletta (P) wbf Kyle Kuntz 3:50
112 Tim Wheeling (GM) wbmd Adam Sallott 15-5
119 Joe Henderson (P) wbtf Nate Ferrick 17-2 5:30
125 Dan Yori (P) wb forfeit
130 Justin Wasmund (P) wb forfeit
135 DJ Myers (GM) wbd Mike McBryde 6-4 3OT
140 Tyler Parsons (P) wbd Zac Baumgartner 8-3
145 Garrett Chase (P) wbtf Tyler Hendricks 17-0 5:28
152 Dave Heynoski (P) wb forfeit
160 Dalton Lester (GM) wbd Grant Chase 6-3
171 Jermaine Easter (P) wbtf Bryan Campbell 16-0 1:56
189 Matt Campbell (GM) wbf Markel Keys 4:46


Wheeling, Baker Take Runnerup Honors at Tool City
Stockhausen, Lester and Bryant Nab Medals

Tim Wheeling and Caleb Baker fought their way into the grueling Tool City Tournament finals this weekend in Meadville. Unfortunately both wrestlers came up just a couple of points short of titles. The Lancers haven't crowned a Tool City champ since Hadley Harrison beat Aaon Nestor of Reynolds for the 140 lbs. crown and took home the AAA Outstanding Wrestler award in 2006.

Tim Wheeling (112) made his way to the finals by pinning North East's Justin Walker in the preliminary round, he posted a 17-6 major decision over Trenton Bowers of St. Marys in the quarters and then edged Clearfield's Christian Stone, 4-1 in the semis. Tim lost a hard fought, 3-1 decision to TJ Stanton (ranked 20th AAA) of DuBois in the finals.

Caleb Baker (285) had a pair of pins on Friday, the first over Jacob Seeley of Cochranton in the preliminaries and the second over Tyler Unger of Boling Springs. Baker followed up with a 3-1 win over Zach Seeley of Maplewood on Saturday morning. In the finals, Caleb dropped a 3-1 decision to Joe Chittester (ranked 2nd AA) of Ridgway.

Jay Stockhausen (145) took the hard road to the podium. Jay lost his opening round bout to Ridgway's Nate Dorish. But the scrappy 145 pounder bounced back with four straight wins, including a 5-2 win over Dorish in the consy semifinals. Stockhausen dropped a heart breaking, 4-1 decision to Geno Morelli of DuBois in double overtime in the consolation finals for a 4th place finish.

Dalton Lester (160) posted a 17-0 technical fall over Maplewood's Dakota Keeno in the prelims and won a 7-1 decision over Alex Svetz of North East in the quarters. Dalton lost to eventual runnerup, Tyler Landfried of Greenville in the semis, but bounced back with a big win over Casey Pace (ranked 17th AA) of Fort LeBoeuf in the consolation semifinals. In the consolation finals, Lester lost, 3-0 to Ridgway's Sam Skraba (ranked 19th AA).

Travis Bryant (215) won his opening round bout by fall over Dustin Sweet of North East. He lost to Corry's Nash Walters, 7-1 in the quarters, then posted two straight wins to make the medal rounds. Bryant dropped a 6-3 decison to Fort LeBoeuf's Brandon Bradney (ranked 13th AA) in the consolation semis. He finished the tournament with a 6th place medal after losing for the second time to Nash Walters, 6-4.

Brandon Horn (125) and Matt Campbell (171) also wrestled well this past weekend. Both wrestlers posted 2-2 records and came up just short of the medal rounds, losing in the consolation quarterfinals. Talented freshman, Tyler Hendricks saw his first action of the year after returning from an injury and posted a 1-2 record.

The Lancers finished in 8th place as a team, up a spot from last season.

Notes From Tool City: 285 pounder, Caleb Baker won the Tool City Tournament Fastest Pin Award. Baker pinned Jacob Seely of Cochranton in 23 seconds in the opening round. Congratulations!!!



Team standings: 1. Ridgway (Rid) 178, 2. Greenville (Gv) 169 1/2, 3. Fort LeBoeuf (FL) 150 1/2, 4. Boiling Springs (BS) 1431/2, 5. Clearfield (Cl) 136, 6. Cathedral Prep (CP) 127, 7. Meadville (Mv) 126, 8. General McLane (GM) 117 1/2, 9 Corry (Cy) 102, 10. DuBois (D) 101, 11. Saegertown (Sae) 100 1/2, 12. Howland, Ohio (H) 82 1/2, 13. Indian Valley (IV) 77, 14. St. Ignatius, Ohio (SI) 65, 15. St. Marys (SM) 61, 16. Maplewood (Mw) 55, 17. Conneaut Lake (CL) 47, 18. North East (NE) 18 1/2

31st Annual Tool City Finals
103: George DiCamillo (SI) md Corey Bush (Rid) 15-5
112: T.J. Stanton (D) d Tim Wheeling (GM) 3-1
119: Shelton Mack (Mv) d Kaleb Loht (IV) 5-2
125: Kyle Caggiano (Rid) d Roland Miller (BS) 9-3
130: Kasey Davis (Mv) md Ean Starner (BS) 13-3
135: Joe Spisak (BS) d Garet Pisani (Rid) 6-4
140: David Church (FL) d Tyler Parsons (CP) 4-3
145: Cody Copeland (Gv) d Jake Kondrlik (Cy) 3-1
152: Jeremy King (FL) d Zach Towers (Mv) 16-13
160: Grant Chase (CP) d Tyler Landfried (Gv) 4-1
171: Jermaine Easter (CP) tf Bryce Tricker (H) 20-5, 5:53
189: Michael Pollard (Cy) md R.J. Malson (Gv) 11-1
215: Sean Sadosky (SM) d Kevin Thompson (Mv) 4-2
285: Joe Chittester (Rid) d Caleb Baker (GM) 3-1


Individual GM Wrestlers at the 2009-2010 Tool City Tournament

103-Kyle Kuntz
Prelim: George Burrows (Mv) wbf Kuntz 5:04
Cons: Beau Colletta (CP) wbmd Kuntz 11-0

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

112-Tim Wheeling
Prelim: Wheeling wbf Justin Walker (NE) 1:09
QF: Wheeling wbmd Trenton Bowers (SM) 17-6
SF: Wheeling wbd Christian Stone (Clf) 4-1
F: TJ Stanton (Rdg) dec Wheeling 3-1

Tourn Record: 3-1 (2ND PLACE)

119-Nate Ferrick
Prelim: Kaleb Loht (IV) wbf Ferrick 1:00
Mike Pollifrone (H) wbf Ferrick 3:38

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

125-Brandon Horn
Prelim: Horn wbmd Jacob Riffe (Grv) 12-1
QF: Graff (MW) wbd Horn 11-6
Cons: Horn wbf Knapp (CL) 3:59
Cons QF: Nick Lees (St I) wbd Horn 7-4

Tourn Record: 2-2 (DNP)

130-Zac Chivari
Prelim: Ean Starner (BS) wbf Chivari 1:57
Cons: Chivari wbd Matt Busatto (DuB) 13-12
Cons: Scott Naibach (H) wbd Chivari 14-9

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

135-DJ Myers
Pigtail: Myers wbf J.J. Mervine (Mv), 1:14
Prelim: Andrew Hamilton (H) wbf Myers 1:48
Consi: Myers wbd Mike McBryde (Prep) 7-2
Cons: Levi Morton (NE) wbd Myers 4-0

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

140-Zac Baumgartner
Sam Rhoads (BS) wbd Baumgartner 10-9
Cons: Baumgartner wbf Brian Puharich (H) 2:40
Cons: Nick Grimm (IV) wbd Baumgartner 5-2

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

145-Jay Stockhausen
Prelim: Nate Dorish (Rdg) wbf Stockhausen 5:15
Cons: Stockhausen wbf Andrew Spickler (IV) 4:49
Cons: Stockhausen wbmd Shane Harper (Clf) 10-2
Cons QF: Stockhausen wbd Garret Chase (CP) 3-1
Cons SF: Stockhausen wbd Nate Dorish (Rdg) 5-2
3rd/4th: G Morelli (DuB) wbd Stockhausen 4-1 2OT

Tourn Record 4-2 (4TH PLACE)

152-Tyler Hendricks
Prelim: Derek Danver (Clf) wbmd Hendricks 10-0
Cons: Hendricks wbd Tyler Drass (H) 6-4
Cons: Tylor Williams (CL) wbmd Hendricks 10-2

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

160-Dalton Lester
Prelims: Lester wbtf Keeno (Mw), 17-0
QF: Lester wbd Svetz (NE) 7-1
SF: Tyler Landfried (Grv) wbf Lester 3:25
Cons SF: Lester wbd Casey Pace (FLB) 4-2
3rd/4th: Sam Skraba (Rdg) wbd Lester 3-0

Tourn Record: 3-2 (4TH PLACE)

171-Matt Campbell
Prelim: Bryce Tricker (H) wbd Campbell 5-2
Cons: Campbell wb inj def Seth Stahl (Rdg)
Cons: Campbell wbd Nick Christine (IV) 5-2
Cons QF: Dustin Taubert (Cor) wbd Campbell 4-2

Tourn Record: 2-2 (DNP)

189-Doug Myers
Prelim: Myers wbd Luke Trucilla (CP) 6-0
QF: RJ Malson (Gv) wbf Myers 16-1 (5:37)
Cons: Alex Deroba (BS) wbd Myers 2-1

Tourn Record: 1-2 (DNP)

215-Travis Bryant
Prelim: Bryant wbf Dustin Sweet (NE) :54
QF: Nash Walters (Cor) wbd Bryant 7-1
Cons: Bryant wbf Ian Lindsey IV) 1:31
Cons QF: Bryant wbf Chuck Sayre (H) 1:33
Cons SF: Brandon Bradney (FLB) wbd Bryant 6-3
5th/6th: Nash Walters (Cor) wbd Bryant 6-4

Tourn Record: 3-3 (6TH PLACE)

285-Caleb Baker
Prelim: Baker wbf Jacob Seely (Co) :23
QF: Baker wbf Tyler Unger (BS) 3:43
SF: Baker wbd Zach Seeley (Mw) 3-1
F: Joe Chittester (Rdg) wbd Baker 3-1

Tourn Record: 3-1 (2ND PLACE)







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