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Jackson Spires became GM's first state medalist since Ethan Laird and Owen Watkins brought back some Hershey hardware in in 2017. Spires clinched a spot on the podium in the most dramatic fashion. It all came down to the blood round where Jack had to face off against returning state place winner (6th), Tristan Pugh of Berlin Brothers Valley. Early in the bout, the two wrestlers were hand fighting near the edge of the mat when Spires slipped in an underhook and threw Pugh to his back. Pugh smartly rolled through it and Jackson ended up on his back, but the two were out of bounds. While I couldn't know what was going through Jackson's head, it almost seemed like he planned it that way. The next time Pugh waded in, Spires slipped in the underhook and tossed him to his back again. But this time he was ready for the roll through attempt and Jackson stuck Pugh at the 52 second mark! Spires came out on the short end of a 6-1 score in the consolation quarterfinals to Avery Bassett of Midd-West. In his 7th place match, Spires dominated Richland's Cooper Ward on his way to a 5-0 victory.

Matt Leehan just missed placing in Hershey by the slimmest of margins. Leehan won his pigtail round match by a score of 5-0 over Kaleb Miller of Chestnut Ridge. He then dropped a 6-2 decision to returning state place winner, Adam Jacob of East Pennsbury in the round of 16. Matt bounced back and won by fall over Hayden Ward of Canton Area. Leehan ran into old foe, Carter Gill of Hickory in the blood round. The two had met before, each winning one against the other. This time Gill prevailed, 1-0. That ended Leehan's season.


Matt Leehan ended his junior season with a 42-9 record. He was a Tool City, Fred Bell and Section Tournament Champion. He was named Outstanding Wrestler at the Fred Bell Tournament in January. He became the first Lancer to earn 100+ wins before his senior year. He now sits at 106 career wins and has a very good shot at breaking Ethan Laird's career wins mark of 138 before the end of next season.

Matt also has 54 career pins and has a shot of breaking Caleb Baker's career record of 72. Matt's 42 wins this season is second best ever. Only Hadley Harrison had more wins in a single season (48)! Matt could also become a rare three-time state qualifier if he makes it to Hershey again next year! Congrats on a great season Matt.

Jackson Spires finished his junior season with 29 wins, 17 of those by fall. He's a two-time section finalist, winning the 145 lbs. title this year, a two-time district champ and two-time regional runnerup. He went 3-2 in Hershey and placed 7th at states this season. He also could become a rare 3-time state qualifier if he makes it Hershey again next year. All of this after missing his entire freshman season and parts of both his sophomore and junior seasons!


106 B. Wentzel (Mtrv) wbd C. Bollman (CR) 4-2
113 G. Steen (Rey) wbd J. Fisher (Sprk) 4-2
120 S. Seymour (Troy) wbd R. Michaels (Eliz) 7-4
126 R. Crookham (Ndgp) wbd L. Haines (Bgvl) 7-2
132 B. McMillen (Gl) wbd I. Oswalt (Bur) 5-1
138 K. Cassidy (Bedf) wbd K. Kiser (Sgrt) 10-6
145 G. McClenahan (BEA) wbd G. D'Amato (Tunk) 1-0
152 c. Dowling (Stgo) wbd A. Corrado (Bur) 3-2
160 A. Cerniglia (Ndgp) wbd T. Lawrence (Frz) 11-8
170 T. Stoltzfus (Stgo) wbd M. Arciuolo (Scnv) 1-0
182 A. Walley (Ellw) wbd D. Bennett (Mtrv) 6-5
195 G. Garcia (Scol) wbd B. Herbster (Rey) 7-0
220 C. Wood (Mtrv) wbd K. Flank (Wils) 4-3
285 C. Whitehill (Bvle) wbf E. Lawal (CFS) 1:03

Consolation finals
106 J. Pepe (Wya) wbd D. Jackson (Wper) 7-4
113 B. Ungar (Ndgp) wbd O. Reinsel (Bvle) 4-0
120 B. Cheltos (Ndgp) wbf L. Jaquay (Eis) 7:19
126 J. Arrington (FH) wbd D. Evans (Tunk) 8-5
132 A. Glasl (Bway) wbd A. Jacob (Eppn) 2-0
138 K. Duscheck (Frdm) wbd P. Demark (Trn) 3-1
145 A. Bassett (Mwst) wbd N. Higley (Sull) 3-1
152 M. Duvall (Pvly) wbd W. Barnes (Scol) 4-0
160 C. Garcia (Scol) wbd G. Musser (Cprr) 3-1
170 C. Crebs (Mtrv) wbf T. Schultheis (Frdm) 3:37
182 D. Csencsits (Scnv) wbd A. Sharer (Pvly) 12-9
195 D. Lawrence Mhny) wbd E. Rode (Npt) 4-3
220 D. Knisely (CR) wbd N. Taylor (Bvle) 3-0
285 L. Quinton (Scol) wbd J. Stevens (Mydl) 3-1

106 E. Magg (Ndgp) wbd C. Walter (Bvle) 11-4
113 K. Burkett (CR) wbd H. Walk (Tyr) 5-1
120 N. Smith (Bshm) wbd C. Bayless (Rey) 1-0
126 N. Frack (Bwnh) wbd T. Cymmerman (Drry) 9-4
132 K. Berger (Rey) wbd C. Gill (Hick) 8-1
138 Z. Witmer (Stjo) wbmd Z. Holland (Cwvl) 8-0
145 A. Chess (Mer) wb ff E. Gibson (FH)
152 R. Weyandt (FH) wbmd S. Kemper (Burg) 16-4
160 N. Lear (Bent) wbd K. Rothrock (Stjo) 6-5
170 C. Linn (Scol) wbd T. Ward (CA) 3-0
182 R. Feroce (Bur) wbd E. Finch (Shef) 4-1
195 M. VanTassel (Unct) wbmd P. Moore (PO) 11-2
220 J. Ryan (MU) wbf C. Black (Eis) 0:25
285 R. Kemper (Burg) wbd B. Strouse (Tmqa) 3-2

106 E. Kolb (Bent) wbd L. Munsee (Cor) 4-2
113 G. Bradley (Athn) wbd C. Brown (Litt) 6-3
120 N. Holderbaum (CR) wbf E. Alderfer (Fca) 0:21
126 C. Pierce (HC) wbf G. Gramly (Mfbg) 2:50
132 N. Teeter (FH) wbd N. Hunt (Wrun) 10-5
138 B. Showers (Bgvl) wbd C. Chapman (PO) 10-7
145 J. Spires (GM) wbd C. Warshel (Rchl) 5-0
152 O. Jefferson (Snca) wb ff T. Martin (Bshm)
160 I. Cory (Mtrv) wbd H. Weitoish (PO) 4-1
170 C. Toy (Rey) wbd T. Race (Kane) 3-0
182 P. Cutchember (QV) wbf N. Wickersham (Tmqa) 2:20
195 E. Johnson (Bway) wbf G. Boone (McGf) 0:44
220 C. Johnston (Gl) wbd J. King (Mple) 3-2
285 N. Warnke (Scnv) wbf K. Braund (Ath) 3:55


Team Scores: 1. Notre Dame GP 114, 2. Montoursville 103, 3. Southern Columbia 98.5, 4. Reynolds 84.5, 5. St. Joseph's Catholic 75.5, 6. Brookville 74, 7. Chestnut Ridge 69, 8. Saucon Valley 66, 9. Forest Hills 59.5, 10. Burrell 53. 22. Eisenhower 26.5, 26. Saegertown 24, 42. Union City 15.5, 43. General McLane 15, 47. Commodore Perry 14, 51. Seneca 13, 52. Hickory 12.5, 53. Mercer 12, 55. Harborcreek 11, 65. Jamestown 8, 70. Maplewood, 71. Conneaut 6, 71. Corry 6, 71. Grove City 6, 79. Greenville 5, 83. Cambridge Springs 4, 83. Girard 4, 83. Sharon 4, 98. Franklin 2, 98. Fort LeBoeuf 2, 98. Slippery Rock 2, 98. Titusville 2.


Individual GM Wrestlers at the 2020 PIAA AA Championships

132-Matt Leehan #19
Pigt: Leehan wbd #25 Kaleb Miller (Chest Rdg) 5-0
Prelim: #5 Adam Jacob (E Pennsb) wbd Leehan 6-2
Cons2: Leehan wbf #13 Hayden Ward (Canton) 3:28
Cons3: #7 Carter Gill (Hickory) wbd Leehan 1-0

Tourn Record: 2-2 (DNP)

145-Jackson Spires #10
Pigt: Bye
Pre: Spires wbd #12 Michael Duggan (Boiling Spgs) 3-0
QF: #3 Nathan Higley (Sull Co.) wbd Spires 10-7
Cons3: Spires wbf #4 Tristan Pugh (Berl-Bros Val) 0:52
Cons QF: #8 Avery Bassett (Midd-West) wbd Spires 6-1
7th/8th: Spires wbd #9 Cooper Warshel (Richl) 5-0

Tourn Record: 3-2 (PLACED 7TH)

*Number beside each wrestler's name indicates state
ranking according to PA Power Wrestling.






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