Wrestling News from December...2004

Lancer Matmen Go 7-1 at GM Duals

The McLane wrestlers recovered from an opening round loss to Warren and rattled off 7 straight wins at the GM Duals. Two of the McLane's wins were especially impressive. One was a come from behind, 33-30 win over District 9 powerhouse, DuBois. Branden Stearns scored a fall in the final bout of the match to secure the win. The other was a 52-15 thumping of Mercer. Mercer, one of Mercer County's toughest teams only managed to win 3 bouts against the red hot Lancers.

One of the most exciting bouts at the Duals was Don Osinski's 2-0 win over Oil City's highly touted Jacob Spuck. Osinski went 8-0 at the Duals and ran his season record to 18-0. Hadley Harrison also went 8-0. He racked up 3 falls and 4 major decisions. Branden Stearns was perfect at 8-0 with a team high 5 falls.

Other top GM records at the Duals were Eric Zelina at 7-1, Glen Sult, Kyle Goss and Travis Goss were all 6-2.

News and Notes:
Branden Stearns wrestled 171 for the first time this season and went 8-0. Don Osinski also went 8-0 at the Duals. Donald has had a grand total of 5 points scored on him, by two wrestlers this season. Ashton Osterberg also had a perfect two days going 8-0.

General McLane wrestling arrived at anoher milestone on Thursday. The Lancers 49-17 win over Franklin was the 400th wrestling win for the program.

Warren 36 General McLane 25
103 Mike Gustufson (W) wbd Cyrus Parlin 7-1
112 Ashton Osterberg (GM) wbmd E Gustafson 14-2
119 Dan Pascuzzi (W) wbf Eric Zelina 5:10
125 Dan Tudor (W) wbf Glenn Sult 3:50
130 Don Osinski (GM) wbf Andy Travis 1:12
135 A Lauffenburger (W) wbd Brandon Saraceno 4-2
140 Hadley Harrison (GM) wbf Brad Carr :57
145 Brian Pascuzzi (W) wbd Brian Clark 5-3
152 Toby Williams (W) wbd Lou Decker 7-2
160 Ryan Uber (W) wbd Kyle Goss 6-1
171 Branden Stearns (GM) wbf Mike Flickner 1:15
189 Travis Goss (GM) wbd Joel Goodwill 7-6
215 Tyler Wagner (W) wbd Ben Rucker 3-2 (2OT)
275 Kyfer Rumbard (W) wbf Joel Stearns :48


General McLane 63 Titusville 12
103 Cyrus Parlin (GM) wbf Matt Aul 1:10
112 Ashton Osterberg (GM) wbf D Pondel 2:39
119 Glenn Sult (GM) wb forfeit
125 Eric Zelina (GM) wbd Ben Rapp 8-3
130 Donald Osinski (GM) wbf B Anderson 3:44
135 Hadley Harrison (GM) wbf S Henderson 1:38
140 Bradon Saraceno (GM) wbd J Anderson 2-1
145 Joe Snyder (T) wbf Brian Clark 1:55
152 Lou Decker (GM) wb forfeit
160 Kyle Goss (GM) wbd Shane Kilnslek 7-1
171 Branden Stearns (GM) wb forfeit
189 Travis Goss (GM) wb forfeit
215 Ben Rucker (GM) wbf Kurt Ledebur 5:53
275 Travis Chappel (T) wbf Joel Stearns 3:55


General McLane 58 Meadville 12
103 Cyrus Parlin (GM) wbf Eric Wilson :55
112 Ashton Osterberg (GM) wb forfeit
119 Glen Sult (GM) wbf Josh Caryl 3:55
125 Eric Zelina (GM) wbd Joe Amato 4-0
130 Donald Osinski (GM) wbf Eric Perrinie :59
135 Hadley Harrison (GM) wbmd B Towers 11-2
140 Brandon Saraceno (GM) wbf Alex Brown 2:57
145 Brian Clark (M) wbd Nathan Heagy 6-5
152 Richard Towers (M) wbd Lou Decker 6-2
160 Kyle Goss (GM) wbf Tom Kaiser :54
171 Branden Stearns (GM) wbf Alex Hamilton 1:28
189 Travis Goss (GM) wbd Dom Knapp 7-4
215 Ben Rucker (GM) wbf Adam Benkey 1:50
275 Dan Crock (M) wbf Joel Stearns 5:06


General McLane 33 DuBois 30
103 Nick Wykoff (D) wbd Cyrus Parlin 8-6
112 Ashton Osterberg (Gm) wbf D Whitiker 3:18
119 Glen Sult (Gm) wbmd Nick Centra 9-1
125 Eric Zelina (Gm) wbd Colin Cilladi 11-8
130 Don Osinski (Gm) wbf Brandon Teague 1:19
135 Hadley Harrison (Gm) wbd Z Lundgren 9-6
140 Zach Bussard (D) wbd Brandon Saraceno 2-1
145 Rob Coccimiglio (D) wbd Brian Clark 8-6
152 Louie Decker (Gm) wbf Sean Zimmerman 3:20
160 Mario Morelli (D) wbf Kyle Goss 1:05
171 Branden Stearns(Gm) wbf Dom Palumbo 1:56
189 Jordan Andrulonis (D) wbd Travis Goss 5-0
215 Joe Zimmerman (D) wbf Ben Rucker :54
275 Dave Bowley (D) wbf Joel Stearns 1:04


General McLane 78 Erie Central 6
103 Cyrus Parlin (Gm) wbf John Condon 3:23
112 Ashton Oserberg (Gm) wbf Nathan George 1:09
119 Glen Sult (Gm) wb forfeit
125 Eric Zelina (Gm) wb forfeit
130 Don Osinski (Gm) wb forfeit
135 Hadley Harrison (Gm) wbf Brad Golab 1:04
140 Brandon Saraceno (Gm) wb forfeit
145 Brian Clark (Gm) wbf Matt Ahrens :10
152 Louie Decker (Gm) wbf Jessica Ahrens :58
160 Kyle Goss (Gm) wbf Mike Golab :50
171 Branden Stearns (Gm) wbf Tony D’albora 1:19
189 Travis Goss (Gm) wb forfeit
215 Ben Rucker (Gm) wbf William Holley :18
275 Joe Welton (EC) wbf Joel Stearns :44


General McLane 54 Oil City 9
103 Cyrus Parlin (Gm) wb forfeit
112 Ashton Osterberg (Gm) wb fofeit
119 Glen Sult (Gm) wb forfeit
125 Eric Zelina (Gm) wbtf Steve Road 16-0
130 Don Osinski (Gm) wbd Jacob Spuck 2-0
135 Hadley Harrison (Gm) wbmd G Tenney 15-2
140 Brandon Saraceno (Gm) wbf K Ochalek 2:49
145 Brian Clark (Gm) wbf Matt Russo 2:46
152 Ryan Ochalek (OC) wbmd Louie Decker 11-3
160 Kyle Goss (Gm) wbf Steve Roser :37
171 Branden Stearns (Gm) wbf L McManon 1:17
189 Travis Goss (Gm) wb forfeit
215 Matt Tenney (OC) wbf Ben Rucker 1:59
275 Joel Stearns (Gm) wb forfeit


General McLane 49 Franklin 17
103 Cyrus Parlin (Gm) wb forfeit
112 Ashton Osterberg (Gm) wb forfeit
119 Bobby Steele (F) wbmd Glen Sult 12-3
125 Eric Zelina (Gm) wbf Jimmy Rouland 1:41
130 Don Osinski (Gm) wbf Nick Perrine 3:34
135 Hadley Harrison (Gm) wbmd Luke Miller 14-4
140 Ben Mellring (F) wbd Brandon Saraceno 6-0
145 Brian Clark (Gm) wbf Christian Snyder 2:57
152 Alex Anderson (F) wbd Louie Decker 10-7
160 Kyle Goss (Gm) wb forfeit
171 Branden Stearns (Gm) wbd Andrew Riddle 7-5
189 Mike Murkens (F) wbd Travis Goss 7-3
215 Sam Schwabenbauer (F) wbmd Ben Rucker 15-5
275 Joel Stearns (Gm) wb forfeit
General McLane 52 Mercer 15
103 Seth Creasy (M) wbd Cyrus Parlin 4-0
112 Ashton Osterberg (Gm) wb forfeit
119 Glen Sult (Gm) wbd Tyler Hile 4-0
125 Eric Zelina (Gm) wbf Max Kurpe 1:00
130 Don Osinski (Gm) wbd Corey Bice 5-2
135 Brandon Saraceno (Gm) wbf Joey Smith :54
140 Hadley Harrison (Gm) wbmd D Seidle 11-3
145 Brian Clark (Gm) wbf Ryan Newton 2:18
152 Louie Decker (Gm) wbd J Angermeier 5-3
160 Kyle Goss (Gm) wbf Steve Suhire 1:23
171 Branden Stearns (Gm) wbd Dustin Kelly 4-3
189 Travis Goss (Gm) wbf John Pasek 3:10
215 Travis Bell (M) wbf Ben Rucker :53
275 Braden Bice (M) wbf Joel Stearns :56


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GM Wrestlers Slam McDowell

The McLane matmen, fresh off a championship at the Redbank Valley Tournament looked like they were on a mission Wednesday at McDowell High. The Lancers put together an impressive team effort and ran over the Trojans, 49-13.

Branden Stearns racked up the first win at 189 with a 13-1 lambasting of John Anthony and put McLane up 4-0. After a loss at 215, the Lancers got back on track when Ben Rucker won a major decision over Charles Wilson at 275.

Ashton Osterberg decked Matt McCullogh at 112 to make it GM 14 McDowell 10. McDowell pulled to within one point (14-13) after a win at 119, but the Lancers put the Trojans away for good by winning the next eight bouts, four by fall. Eric Zelina, Hadley Harrison, Brian Clark and Kyle Goss all pinned their opponents in that string.

The McLane wrestlers will be back on the mat four days after Christmas at the GM Duals.

General McLane-49 McDowell-13
189-Branden Stearns (GM) maj dec Jon Anthony 13-1
215-Jeremy Little (M) maj dec Travis Goss 15-5
275-Ben Rucker (GM) maj dec Charles Wilson 14-2
103-Steve Mancuso (M) pinned Keith Scharrer 2:32
112-Ashton Osterberg (GM) pinned Matt McCollough 5:25
119-Dave Engel (M) dec Glen Sult 4-0
125-Eric Zelina (GM) pinned Matt Bennett 1:10
130-Don Osinski (GM) dec Travis Booth 9-2
135-Hadley Harrison (GM) pinned Mike Chuldzinski 1:34
140-Brandon Saraceno (GM) dec Chris Fritz 4-3
145-Brian Clark (GM) pinned Corey Esper 5:51
152-Louie Decker (GM) dec Terry Sedney 8-6
160-Clay Steadman (GM) dec Nathan Kucnick 2-0
171-Kyle Goss (GM) pinned Edwin Taylor :31

*McLane was penalized one team point at the beginning of the 171 lbs. bout.


GM Wrestlers Win 35th Annual
Redbank Valley Christmas Tournament

All 14 General McLane wrestlers placed Saturday at the Redbank Valley Tournament, propelling the team to a first place finish over 15 other schools. Ashton Osterberg and Donald Osinski both went 3-0 and won titles. Hadley Harrison and Kyle Goss also made the championship round but lost in the finals.

Branden Stearns placed 3rd after dropping an 8-6 overtime decision in the semis to Curwensville's Nick Sipes, an AA state qualifier last year. Placing 4th were Brian Clark and Louie Decker. Keith Scharrer, Eric Zelina, Brandon Saraceno and Travis Goss all placed 5th. Ben Rucker was 6th at heavyweight. Clay Steadman and Glen Sult finished 7th.

McLane had a tournament high 200 points, followed by Greenville with 139.5. Lakeview and Huntindon tied for 3rd with 134.5.

Championship Finals:
103-Johnny Sutika (Curwensville) pinned Jamie Atwood (Kittanning) 3:56
112-Ashton Osterberg (General McLane) maj dec Caleb Douglas (Greenville) 10-2
119-John Fleming (Lakeview) dec Paul Hallowell (Greenville) 4-2 OT
125-Eric Weaver (Greenville) dec Justin Carter (Rocky Grove) 7-1
130-Donald Osinski (General McLane) dec Jimmy McCauley (Redbank Valley) 7-3
135-Lenny Calhoun (Brockway) dec Hadley Harrison (General McLane) 9-4
140-Andy Rendos (Brockway) maj dec Chris Myers (Huntingdon) 12-4
145-Brent Rose (Greenville) dec Jonathon Hogue (Lakeview) 6-5
152-John Drew (Lakeview) maj dec Manny Carpin (Clarion) 14-4
160-Todd Cessna Elderton Dec Dan Vandyke (Lakeview) 5-2
171-Tyler Shearer(Lakeview) pinned Kyle Goss (General McLane) 2:32
189-Nick Sipes (Curwensville) dec Kellen Harris (Sharon) 2-1 OT
215-Nate Sipes (Curwensville) pinned Brad Deeter (Rocky Grove) 2:36
275-Robert Ryhal (Kennedy Catholic) Def Cody Colwell (Keystone) 2:55

Team Scores:
(1) General McLane-200, (2) Greenville-139.5, (3) Lakeview-134.5, (3) Huntindon-134.5 (5) Elderton-114, (6) Brockway-112.5, (7) Redbank Valley-110.5, (8) Clarion-106, (9) Curwensville-104, (10) Sharon-78.5, (11) Rocky Grove-65, (12) Keystone-53, (13) Beth Center-51.5, (14) Kittanning-51, (15) Kennedy Catholic-29, (16) Apollo-Ridge-11.

Outstanding Wrestler-Lenny Calhoun-Brockway

Complete Redbank Valley Tournament Results


Individual GM Wrestler Results at the 35th Annual Redbank Valley Christmas Tourney

103-Keith Scharrer

Prelim-Scharrer pinned Mike Behe (Lakeview) 1:02

QF-Johnny Sutika (Curwensville) pinned Scharrer 3:51

Cons-Scharrer won by forfeit

Cons SF-Peter Mykut (Huntingdon) maj dec Scharrer 9-0

5th/6th-Scharrer pinned Levi Bell (Redbank Valley) 1:53

Tournament Record: 3-2 (PLACED 5TH)

112- Ashton Osterberg


QF-Osterberg pinned Brandon Morris (Kittaning) 4:34

SF-Osterberg pinned Dillon Park (Brockway) 2:55

F-Osterberg maj dec Caleb Douglas (Greenville) 10-2

Tournament Record: 3-0 (PLACED 1ST)

119- Glen Sult


QF-Paul Hallowell (Greenville) pinned Sult 2:53

Cons-Vance Myers (Huntingdo) pinned Sult 3:46

7th/8th-Sult dec Joe Masnica (Clarion) 7-0

Tournament Record: 1-2 (PLACED 7TH)

125-Eric Zelina


QF-Zelina pinned Sam Coast (Lakeview) 4:38

SF-Justin Carter (Rocky Grove) maj dec Zelina 14-1

Cons SF-Josh Switzer (Elderton) pinned Zelina 1:33

5th/6th-Zelina pinned Sam Coast (Lakeview) 1:22

Tournament Record: 2-2 (PLACED 5TH)

130- Donald Osinski


QF-Osinski pinned Tim Brown (Huntington) 5:26

SF-Osinski dec Chris Bukowski (Brockway) 7-0

F-Osinski dec Jimmy McCauley (Redbank Valley) 7-3

Tournament Record: 3-0 (PLACED 1ST)

135- Hadley Harrison


QF-Harrison pinned Scott Shilling (Lakeview) 3:24

SF-Harrison pinned John Brothers (Redbank Valley) 5:21

F-Lenny Calhoun (Brockway) dec Harrison 9-4

Tournament Record: 2-1 (PLACED 2ND)

140- Brandon Saraceno


QF-Chris Myers (Huntington) maj dec Saraceno 8-0

Cons-Saraceno pinned Casey Noble (Greenville) 3:05

Cons QF-Saraceno maj dec Cody Clausen (AC Valley) 10-4

Cons SF-Pete Woytowish (Elderton) dec Saraceno 3-1

5th/6th-Saraceno pinned Bill Burk (Rocky Grove) 3:45

Tournament Record: 3-2 (PLACED 5TH)

145- Brian Clark

Prelim-Clark pinned Andy Fremer (Brockway) 4:27

QF-Clark dec Mike Coleman (Apollo-Ridge) 6-4

SF-Brent Rose (Greenville) dec Clark 11-10

Cons SF-Dustin Kangy (Huntindon) dec Clark 14-7

5th/6th-Clark dec Blake Lantelme (Clarion) 3-0

Tournament Record: 3-2 (PLACED 5TH)

152- Louie Decker

Prelim-Brandon Brinker (Redbank Valley) dec Decker 13-6

Cons-Decker dec Joe Lane (Kittaning) 6-4

Cons QF-Decker dec Chris Fragapane (Greenville) 3-0

Cons SF-Decker dec Chris Banks (Huntingdon) 6-3

3rd/4th-Brandon Brinker (Redbank Valley) dec Decker 5-0

Tournament Record: 3-2 (PLACED 4TH)

160- Clay Steadman


QF-Todd Cessna (Elderton) pinned Steadman 1:30

Cons-Steadman pinned Justin Rupp (Redbank Valley) 1:46

Cons QF-Dom Ross (Sharon) dec Steadman 13-8

7th/8th-Steadman maj dec Shane Wynkoop (Kittaning) 11-2

Tournament Record: 2-2 (PLACED 7TH)

171- Kyle Goss


QF-K. Goss pinned Shay Magagnotti (Redbank Valley) 1:09

SF-K. Goss maj dec Josh Morales (Elderton) 9-4 (OT)

F-Tyler Shearer (Lakeview) pinned K. Goss 2:32

Tournament Record: 2-1 (PLACED 2ND)

189-Branden Stearns

Prelim-Stearns pinned Brad Hollenbaugh (Huntington) :45

QF-Stearns maj dec Josh Fulton (Elderton) 15-5

SF-Nick Sipes (Curwensville) dec Stearns 8-6 (OT)

Cons SF-Stearns maj dec Trevor Miller (AC Valley) 9-0

3rd/4th-Stearns pinned Josh Seren (Kittaning) 2:12

Tournament Record: 4-1 (PLACED 3RD)

215- Travis Goss

Prelim-T. Goss dec Chris Dzadony (Lakeview) 6-3

QF-T. Goss dec Travi Larrabee (Brockway) 7-3

SF-Nate Sipes (Curwensville) pinned T. Goss 3:28

Cons SF-Brandon Vanbuskirk (Huntingdon) pinned T. Goss 2:12

5th/6th-T. Goss pinned Mark Benson (Greenville) 2:52

Tournament Record:3-2 (PLACED 5TH)

275- Ben Rucker

Prelim-Rucker dec David Barbour (Lakeview) 8-5

QF-Rucker pinned Anthony Driscoll (Clarion) 1:40

SF-Robert Ryhall (Kennedy Catholic) pinned Rucker 3:29

Cons SF-Hugh Cullen (Greenville) dec Rucker 7-5

5th/6th-Robert Fischer (Sharon) dec Rucker 5-3

Tournament Record: 2-3 (PLACED 6th)

12-17 & 18-04


McLane Upset By Corry 34-31

A flat looking GM wrestling team lost a 34-31decision to the Corry Beavers Wednesday evening at Corry High School. McLane was without starters, Manley Lupher, Kyle Goss and Brian Clark.

Keith Scharrer came out swinging and decked Matt Lewis with a cradle in just over a minute at 103. Ashton Osterburg followed by pinning JC Hammond. Osterberg ran up a workmanlike 12-0 lead before he ended the bout at the 5:20 mark. That gave GM a 12-0 lead.

The Lancers suffered losses at the next two weights before Don Osinski pinned Zac Bliss in 46 seconds. Osinski still hasn't been scored on in six bouts this year. Hadley Harrison won by technical fall (18-3) over Brandon Eck at 135 lbs. Harrison used several takedowns and scored back points with a series of bar arm combos. GM held a commanding 23-9 lead at this point, but then things began to unravel.

Corry won the next four weight classes and took the lead for the first time, 25-23. Travis Goss put the Lancers back in front temporarily with a wild 4-3 decision at 171. Goss was down 3-2 with seconds left in the bout, when he hit an outside single and took Smith to the mat for the win. Brandon Stearns scored an 18-2 tech fall over Robert Slava at 189. Stearns looked like a state caliber wrestler as he hit some tilts, a merkle and several single leg takedowns to run up the score.

Nick Roussin and Brandon Edwards picked up wins at 215 and 275 to seal the win for the Beavers.

Corry 34 General McLane 31
103-Keith Scharrer (GM) pinned Matt Lewis 1:03
112-Ashton Osterberg (GM) pinned JC Hammond 5:20
119-Doug Jones (C) dec Glen Sult 8-7
125-Kelly Jackson (C) pinned Eric Zelina 1:55
130-Don Osinski (GM) pinned Zac Bliss :46
135-Hadley Harrison (GM) tech fall Brandon Eck 18-3
140-Devon McCray (C) maj dec Brandon Saraceno 9-1
145-Greg Murphy (C) pinned Morgan Hanes 1:55
152-Jared Durlin (C) dec Louie Decker 8-6
160-Dana Goodwill (C) dec Clay Steadman 7-2
171-Travis Goss (GM) dec Ryan Smith 4-3
189-Branden Stearns (GM) tech fall Robert Slava 18-2
215-Nick Roussin (C) dec Ben Rucker 3-1
275-Brandon Edwards (C) pinned Shawn McFadden :40



GM Crowns 4 Champs
Finishes Close 3rd at McDowell Tournament

The McLane Wrestlers finished a close 3rd at the McDowell Tournament and crowned 4 Champs in the process. AA powerhouse, Fort LeBoeuf won the team title with 265 points. Port Allegheny finished 2nd with 240 points and General McLane finished 3rd with 233.

Ashton Osterburg (112), Donald Osinski (130), Hadley Harrison (135) and Branden Stearns (189) all won titles. Kyle Goss (171) placed 2nd. Other GM placewinners were: Ben Rucker (275)-3rd, Eric Zelina (125)-3rd, Brandon Saraceno (140)-4th, Brian Clark (145)-4th, Louie Decker (152)-4th, Travis Goss (215)-5th, Clay Steadman (160)-5th and Keith Scharrer (103)-7th.

Notes from the tournament:

Donald Osinski had an amazing day, racking up 3 falls and a major decision in the finals. Osinski's record stands at 5-0 and he has yet to be scored on. Ben Rucker deserves a lot of credit. He weighed in at 192 lbs. Saturday morning, barely qualifying for the Heavyweight class. Rucker won 3 out of 4 matches against wrestlers that out weighed him by 50 pounds or more. All 3 of his wins were by fall.

Team results: (1) Ft. LeBoeuf-265 (2) Port Allegheny-240 (3) General McLane-233 (4) Pickerington North-187.5 (5) McDowell-162.5 (6)Harborcreek-161.5 (7) Saint Marys-161 (8) Northwestern-42

Championship Finals
103-Ray Moritz (HC) maj dec Shane Martin (PA) 14-6
112-Ashton Osterberg (GM) maj dec Steve Mancuso (McD) 8-0
119-Kory Hiner (FLB) pinned Logan Sequin (PA) 5:30
125-Steve Waite (FLB) dec Steve Chilcott (HC) 9-4
130-Donald Osinski (GM) maj dec Alex Sieberkrob 8-0
135-Hadley Harrison (GM) dec RJ Smith (FLB) 9-3
140-Nick Kaiser (FLB) maj dec Jake Rohrer (PA) 11-2
145-Josh Voelker (HC) pinned Eric Hoy (SM) :22
152-Brad Stienbach (SM) maj dec Ryan Melina (PN) 8-0
160-CJ Church (FLB) pinned Sam Kephart (PA) 3:34
171-Denton Sauers (FLB) pinned Kyle Goss (GM) 2:56
189-Branden Stearns (GM) pinned Jeremy Little (McD) 1:13
215-Nick Mernedakis (PN) won by forfeit over Mark Wilcox (PA)
275-Brian Neal (PA) pinned Travis Hetzner (PN)


Individual GM Wrestler Results at the 2004-05 McDowell Tournament

103-Keith Scharrer

Ross Hartley (PNA) pinned Scharrer 5:21

Zach Hoy (SM) pinned Scharrer 4:33

Ray Moritz (HC) won by tech fall over Scharrer 16-0

Scharrer maj dec Matt Zimmerman (McD) 12-0

Tournament Record: 1-3 (PLACED 7TH)

112- Ashton Osterberg

Osterburg dec Joey Nowakowski (HC) 7-2

Osterburg dec Nick Nichols (PA) 10-3

Osterburg pinned John Rockwood (PNA) 1:18

Osterburg maj dec Steve Mancuso (McD) 8-0

Tournament Record: 4-0 (PLACED 1ST)

119- Manley Lupher

Lupher pinned Dave Engel (McD) 1:17

Logan Sequin (PA) pinned Lupher 2:54

Lupher lost by forfeit
Lupher lost by forfeit

Tournament Record: 1-3 (DNP)
*Lupher bowed out of the tourney due to injury.

125-Eric Zelina

Zelina pinned Joe Micale (SM) 2:27

Kory Hiner (FLB) maj dec Zelina 12-1

Zelina dec Tone Biggs (PNA) 6-2

Tournament Record: 2-1 (PLACED 3RD)

130- Donald Osinski

Osinski pinned Jeff Jones (PA) :25

Osinski pinned Ryan Mitchell (FLB) 3:30

Osinski pinned Travis Booth (McD) 2:48

Osinski maj dec Alex Sieberkrob (HC) 8-0

Tournament Record: 4-0 (PLACED 1ST)

135- Hadley Harrison

Harrison pinned Matt Bleile (PNB) :59

Harrison pinned Mike Chludzinski (McD) 1:38

Harrison pinned Neil Bosner (PA) 3:00

Harrison dec RJ Smith (FLB) 9-3

Tournament Record: 4-0 (PLACED 1ST)

140- Brandon Saraceno

Saraceno maj dec Brenden Wilson (SM) 11-2

Saraceno pinned Nick Stafford (HC) :45

Jake Rohrer (PA) dec Saraceno 4-3 (2OT)

Chris Fritts (McD) dec Saraceno 11-6

Tournament Record: 2-2 (PLACED 4TH)

145- Brian Clark

Clark pinned Conner Gereineser (PNA) 2:32

Clark pinned Brian Aldrich (NW) 1:02

Eric Hoy (SM) def Clark by injury default

Mike Hall (FLB) dec Clark 7-0

Tournament Record: 2-2 (PLACED 4TH)

152- Louie Decker

Decker pinned Ben Hurd (PA) :52

Decker pinned Derek Swab (NW) :31

Scott Middlestrand (PNB) dec Decker 9-4

Wes Stull (FLB) dec Decker 10-4

Tournament Record: 2-2 (PLACED 4TH)

160- Clay Steadman

Sam Kephart (PA) dec Steadman 5-3

Nathan Kucnick (McD) pinned Steadman 3:52

Steadman pinned Eric Gervais (HC) 2:47

Steadman dec Karsten Gereneser (PNA) 3-1

Tournament Record: 2-2 (PLACED 5TH)

171- Kyle Goss

Goss pinned Nate Villers (HC) :58

Goss pinned Edwin Taylor (McD) :34

Goss pinned pinned Chris Boyes (NW) :36

Goss dec Clay Brown (PNA) 6-4

Denton Sauers (FLB) pinned Goss 2:56

Tournament Record: 4-1 (PLACED 2ND)

189-Branden Stearns

Tim McAndrew (HC) won by forfeit over Stearns

Stearns pinned Eddie Gecci (SM) 2:53

Stearns pinned Mark Dutton (PNA) 2:48

Stearns pinned Jeremy Little (McD) 1:13

Tournament Record: 3-1 (PLACED 1ST)

215- Travis Goss

Goss dec Anthony Mastrogiacoma (SM) 4-3 (2OT)

Nick Mernedakis (PNA) dec Goss 14-7

Adam Farrell (FLB) dec Goss 10-5

Goss dec Eric Fenton (McD) 4-3 (2OT)

Mark Wilcox (PA) dec Goss 5-1

Tournament Record: 2-3 (PLACED 5TH)

275- Ben Rucker

Rucker pinned Shane Shepard (McD) 2:25

Rucker pinned Mike Solari (SM) 1:15

Travis Hetzner (PNA) pinned Rucker 3:28

Rucker pinned Josh Williams (FLB) 2:33

Tournament Record: 3-1 (PLACED 3RD)



McLane Wrestlers Take Prep To the Wire

The McLane Wrestlers nearly pulled off a big upset Wednesday evening, but came up just short as a 33-19 lead over Erie Prep evaporated. Prep won the last 3 weight classes, 2 by fall, to pull out a come from behind, 34-33 victory. But the 2004-2005 GM Team proved they are for real.

Prep led 10-0 after the first 2 bouts. Don Osinski cut the lead to 10-3 with a solid 5-0 shutout over the Rambler's Brad Crolli. The Lancers started to roll and took their first lead, 15-10 after falls by Brandon Saraceno and Hadley Harrison.

Prep went back on top with a pin 145, but Louie Decker struck back at 152 and pinned Prep's Ross Runstedler at the 1:30 mark to put GM back up, 21-16. Clay Steadman wrestled a smart match and gave Jon Wentz, one of the state's best 160 pounders a very game match in a 12-6 loss.

GM was leading by a 21-19 score when they rattled off 3 straight wins and took a commanding lead. At 171, Kyle Goss and Prep's Tony Parsons battled evenly for most of their bout. Parsons escaped to take a 5-3 lead with seconds left, but Goss waded in and threw Parsons to his back to pull out and 8-5 win. Cousin, Travis Goss followed at 189 pounds and decked Shawn Whalen in 3:52. Branden Stearns got the last McLane win with a 4-1 win over 215 pounder, Kevin Deiner. McLane led 33-19 at that point, but the Ramblers came back with just enough to steal the win.

Prep and McLane could very well meet in a rematch at the District 10 Team Duals on February 1st, 2005.

Cathedral Prep-34 General McLane-33
119-Steve Zoni (P) maj dec Manley Lupher 13-3
125-John Heynoski (P) pinned Eric Zelina 4:23
130-Don Osinski (GM) dec Brad Crolli 5-0
135-Brandon Saraceno (GM) pinned Paul Squeglia 2:58
140-Hadley Harrison (GM) pinned Mike Parsons 3:19
145-Jason Ardillo (P) pinned Brian Clark 5:43
152-Louie Decker (GM) pinned Ross Runstedler 1:30
160-Jon Wentz (P) dec Clay Steadman 12-6
171-Kyle Goss (GM) dec Tony Parsons 8-5
189-Travis Goss (GM) pinned Shawn Whalen 3:52
215-Branden Stearns (GM) dec Kevin Deiner 4-1
275-Stephan Tighe (P) pinned Shawn McFadden 1:27
103-Anthony Blasczyk (P) pinned Keith Scharrer 1:40
112-Joe McCollogh (P) dec Ashton Osterberg 11-7







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