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Lancers Stay Perfect With Win Over Warren

The McLane wrestling team ran their dual meet record to 3-0 with a big, 59-9 win over the Warren Dragons on Thursday evening in Warren. The Lancers recorded 5 pins on their way to the lopsided victory.

Parker McDermott, Zac Baumgartner, Bryan Campbell, Jake Baker and Caleb Baker all won by fall. DJ Myers and Kyle Kuntz added major decisions. Chris Laird, Deane Twitchell and Nate Ferrick also recorded wins for the Lancers.

The Lancers will be back in action after the holidays when they take on Central Tech at home on January 5th.

135 - Parker McDermott (GM) wbf Snead, 0:58;
140 - Zac Baumgartner (GM) wbf Williams, 3:20;
145 - DJ Myers (GM) wbmd Varirde, 14-2;
152 - Brown (W) wbd Tyler Hendricks, 3-2;
160 - Chris Laird (GM) wbd Johnson, 3-2;
171 - Bryan Campbell (GM) wbf Kavinski, 0:53;
189 - Jake Baker (GM) wbf Henry, 3:53;
215 - Travis Bryant (GM) wbf Crone, 1:11;
285 - Caleb Baker (GM) wbf Brown, 0:56;
103 - Joe Wheeling (GM) wbf Park, 1:24;
112 - Kyle Kuntz (GM) wbmd Shorts, 11-3;
119 - Deane Twitchell (GM) wbd Hordusky, 5-2;
125 - Nate Ferrick (GM) wbd Card, 11-5;
130 - Bosko (W) wbf Jared Hurta, 1:58.


GM Wrestlers Shoot Down Rockets

The McLane wrestling team ran their dual meet record to 2-0 as DJ Myers set the tone for the Lancers on Tuesday evening at Parker Middle School. Myers nailed down a 3 minute, 15 second fall over Xavier Rose in the opening bout at 145 lbs. What followed, with minimal interuption was a pinning extravaganza as the Lancer grapplers defeated visiting Titusville, 58-21.

Chris Laird, Travis Bryant, Deane Twitchell, Nate Ferrick, Tim Wheeling and Zac Baumgartner also recorded stretch jobs. Baumgartner's pin of Ehrin Lee was questioned by some in attendance, but review of video footage from the bout clearly showed Lee's shoulders flat on the mat. Baumgartner was awarded the fall after he fought off a tilt attempt by posting his far arm and leaning into Lee.

Travis Bryant had the fastest pin of the evening with his 36 second flattening of Ty Lohr. Joe Wheeling added a lopsided, 13-2 major decision at 103 pounds. Caleb Baker remained unbeaten with a forfeit win at 285 and Parker McDermott received a forfeit at 135 lbs.

The GM wrestlers travel to Warren for the first time in several years on Thursday to face a solid Dragon wrestling squad.

145 — DJ Myers (GM) wbf Xavier DeRose, 3:15.
152 — Cody Brunst (T) wbd Tyler Hendricks, 4-2.
160 — Chris Laird (GM) wbf Justin Daugherty, 5:18.
171 — Jake Burnside (T) wbf Zack Chestner, 3:45.
189 — Ben Sampson (T) won by inj. def. Andy Stafford, :29.
215 — Travis Bryant (GM) wbf Ty Lohr, :36.
285 — Caleb Baker (GM) won by ff.
103 — Joe Wheeling (GM) wbmd Zach Donovan,13-2.
112 — Ryan Ward (T) wbf Kyle Kuntz, 1:22.
119 — Deane Twitchell (GM) wbf Quinton Brunst,1:45.
125 — Nate Ferrick (GM) wbf Sawyer Yashinski, 3:13.
130 — Tim Wheeling (GM) wbf Derrick Bish, :44.
135 — Parker McDermott (GM) won by ff.
140 — Zack Baumgartner (GM) wbf Ehrin Lee, 3:34.



Baker, Myers and Tim Wheeling Win Athens Titles

Caleb Baker, Tim Wheeling and DJ Myers all won titles at the 2010-11 Athens Jarvis-Wildcat Tournament. Six McLane wrestlers, Joe Wheeling, Kyle Kuntz, Nate Ferrick, Parker McDermott, Zac Baumgartner and Travis Bryant took runnerup honors. Tyler Hendricks snagged a 3rd.

Caleb Baker, Tim Wheeling and DJ Myers all ran the table at Jarvis. The trio combined for a perfect 19-0 record.

Also noteworthy is the fact that freshman, Joe Wheeling's only loss of the tournament (and of the season) came at the hands of 4th ranked, Zach Fuentes of Norristown.

Nate Ferrick also continues to show a dramatic improvement from last year. Nate went 4-1 at the tournament and sports a 7-3 record on the season.


Team Scores: 1. Norristown 325, 2. General McLane 303.5, 3.Pal-Mac 234.5, 4. Muncy 191.5, 5. Greene 174.5, 6. Johnson City 162, 7. Athens 33, 8. Spencer Van-Etten 31

2010-2011 Athens Jarvis-Wildcat Tournament

103-Joe Wheeling
Wheeling wbf Corey McCormick (Johns City) 3:28
Wheeling wb ff Ryan Castle (Greene)
Wheeling wbf Josh Gaverick (Muncy) :35
Zach Fuentes (Norrist) wbmd Wheeling 8-0
Wheeling wbf Braxton Howell (Greene) 1:41
Wheeling wbf Dan Whipple (Athens) 2:53
Wheeling wbf Jake Allen (Pal Mac) 2:53

Tourn Record: 6-1 (PLACED 2ND)

112-Kyle Kuntz
Kuntz wbd Kelvin Howard (Norist) 7-1
Kuntz wbd Ian Burke (Spenc Van Etten) 11-10
Alec Ludolph (Pal Mac) wbf Kuntz 2:23
Kuntz wbf Kelvin Howard (Norist) 3:05
Kuntz wbf Ian Burke (Spenc Van Etten) 1:09
Alec Ludolph (Pal Mac) wbf Kuntz 1:42

Tourn Record: 4-2 (PLACED 2ND)

119-Deane Twitchell
Twitchell wbmd Tyler Dickman (Greene) 11-3

Tyree Gardner (Norrist) wbf Twitchell 2:21
Taylor Jones (Pal Mac) wbf Twitchell 3:58
Mike Pega (Muncy) wbd Twitchell 7-1
Sean McCormick (Johns City) wbf Twitchell 1:47
Jake Coyle (Athens) wbf Twitchell 1:40
Casey Tiffany (Spenc Van Etten) wbd Twitchell 2-0

Tourn Record: 1-6 (DNP)

125-Nate Ferrick
Ferrick wbf Nick Bidwell (Johns City) 4:51
Conner Halladay (Johns City) wbf Ferrick 1:29
Ferrick wbf Joe Judge
(Spenc Van Etten) 3:42
Ferrick wbmd Nick Saldano (Norrist) 12-4
Ferrick wbf Brian Warzel (Muncy) 1:25

Tourn Record: 4-1 (PLACED 2ND)

130-Tim Wheeling
Wheeling wbf Max Lloyd (Pal Mac) 5:46
Wheeling wbmd Doug Forlano (Norrist) 12-4
Wheeling wbf Nick Bradley (Athens) 3:42
Wheeling wbd Dayton Gno (Johns City) 6-0
Wheeling wbf Trevor Parrish (Greene) 3:39
Wheeling wb ff Jerid Rimbey
(Spenc Van Etten)
Wheeling wbmd Andrew Gilchrist (Muncy) 15-1

Tourn Record: 7-0 (PLACED 1ST)

135-Parker McDermott
McDermott wbd Joe Rowland (Norrist) 1-0
McDermott wbtf Jeff Hornbeck (Greene) 18-2
McDermott wbd Ivan Bower
(Spenc Van Etten) 8-6
Joe Hamden (Johns City) wbd McDermott 5-2
McDermott wbd Marshall LeBlanc (Athens) 5-1
Ben Mowery (Pal Mac) wbmd McDermott 12-0

Tourn Record: 4-2 (PLACED 2ND)

140-Zac Baumgartner
Baumgartner wbmd Dustin Jones (Pal Mac) 15-3
Miket Springer (Norrist) wbf Baumgartner 2:13
Baumgartner wbd Zach Golgan (Johns City) 4-2
Baumgartner wbd Isaiah Bobitas (Muncy) 12-5
Baumgartner wbf Kyle Sunseri (Athens) 2:48
Baumgartner wb ff Evan Farnham (Spenc Van Etten)
Dan Dickman (Greene) wbd Baumgartner 7-6

Tourn Record: 5-2 (PLACED 2ND)

145-DJ Myers
DJ Myers wbd Chris Rosell (Greene) 11-4
DJ Myers wbf Austin Fitzsimmons (Norist) 1:48
DJ Myers wbmd Ben Lawrence (Pal Mac) 10-0
DJ Myers wbmd Chris Rosell (Greene) 11-3
DJ Myers wbf Austin Fitzsimmons (Norist) :21
DJ Myers wbf Ben Lawrence (Pal Mac) 3:37

Tourn Record: 6-0 (PLACED 1ST)

152-Tyler Hendricks
Handricks wbd Cody Bourgeouis (PalMac) 5-3
Hendricks wbmd Chris Pack (Athens) 13-2
Hendricks wbd Mike Beckwith (Greene) 2-0 SV
Hendrciks wbf Greg Kleinsmith (Johns City) 5:15
Troy Hembury (Muncy) wbd Hendricks 3-1
Brandon Parker (Norrist) wbf Hendricks :17
Hendricks wb ff Vinnie Ferone
(Spenc Van Etten)

Tourn Record: 5-2 (PLACED 3RD)

160-Chris Laird
Laird wbf Ken Fletcher (Athens) 5:18

Dietrich (Greene) wbf Laird 5:40
Zach Strckland (Muncy) wbtf Laird 16-1
Brett Harner (Norrist) wbf Laird :33
Scott Owen (Pal Mac) wbf Laird 1:23
Laird wbf Eric Snyder (Spenc Van Etten) :49

Tourn Record: 2-4 (DNP)

171-Bryan Campbell
Tyler Letrinko (Norrist) wbmd Campbell 13-4
Craig Scott (Pal Mac) wb ff Campbell
Aaron Padilla (Athens) wbd Campbell 9-6
Keegan Cerwinski (Greene) wbd Campbell 7-0
Adam Gochauer (Muncy) wbd Campbell 6-2

Tourn Record: 0-5 (DNP)

189-Andy Stafford
Larry Gordon (Norrist) wbf Stafford 1:56
Reggie Williams (Johns City) wbf Stafford 1:23
Ryan Hembury (Muncy) wbf Stafford 1:41

Stafford wb ff Salvatore Giannino (Spenc Van Etten)
Kurt Shear (Greene) wbf Stafford :22
Stafford wb ff Justin Morris (Athens)
Cody Jacobs (Pal Mac) wbf Stafford 4:15

Tourn Record: 2-5 (DNP)

215-Travis Bryant
Bryant wbtf Skyler Ebner (Muncy) 20-4
Bryant wbf Matt Stroup (Norrist) :44
Bryant wbf Brian Rezek (Spenc Van Etten) :54
Bryant wbf ChrisHhadges (Johns City) :58
Kyle Stanton (Greene) wbd Bryant 7-1

Tourn Record: 4-1 (PLACED 2ND)

285-Caleb Baker
Baker wb ff Chris Kehoe (Greene)
Baker wbf Tom Swartout (Spenc Van Etten) :10
Baker wbf Eric Roberts (Muncy) 1:23
Baker wb inj def Gavin Queenan (Norrist) 3:35
Baker wbf Josh Dember (Johns City) :53
Baker wbd Brandon Jones (Pal Mac) 4-0

Tourn Record: 6-0 (PLACED 1ST)



McLane Beats Vincent In First Dual

The McLane wrestlers started out their dual meet season on a positive note with a 73-4 thrashing of Strong Vincent on Wednesday. The Lancers won 10 of 11 contested bouts, 8 of those by fall.

Nate Ferrick, Tim Wheeling, Parker McDermott, DJ Myers, Tyler Hendricks, Chris Laird, Bryan Campbell and Caleb Baker all racked up pins for GM. Zac Baumgartner added to the effort with a 15-7 major decision. Andy Stafford also posted his first varsity win as a Lancer. Joe Wheeling, Kyle Kuntz and Dean Twitchell had forfeit wins.

The GM wrestlers will be at the Jarvis-Wildcat Tournament this weekend hoping to improve on last year's runnerup finish.

103: Joe Wheeling (GM) wbff
112: Kyle Kuntz (GM) wbff
119: Dean Twitchell (GM) wbff
125: Nate Ferrick (GM) wbf Bobby Tuzynski 5:13
130: Tim Wheeling (GM) wbf Brian Merkerson 1:04
135: Parker McDermott (GM) wbf Donald Keys 1:00
140: Zac Baumgartner (GM) wbmd Dijon Deboe 15-7
145: DJ Myers (GM) wbf Jason Cruz 3:09
152: Tyler Hendricks (GM) wbf Brandon Jurkiewicz 3:48
160: Chris Laird (GM) wbf Saif Hasan 2:58
171: Bryan Campbell (GM) wbf Joshua Jones :58
189: Andy Stafford (GM) wbd Roger Rood 8-3
215: Aaron Bell (SV) wbmd Travis Bryant 9-1
285: Caleb Baker (GM) wbf Maxx Swoger 1:58


McLane Wrestlers Repeat As
Mountaineer Tournament Champs

Freshman, Joe Wheeling, two-time state qualifier, Tim Wheeling and state placewinner, Caleb Baker won titles at Saturday's Mountaineer Tournament in Phillipsburg-Osceola on Saturday to vault the McLane wrestling team to their second straight Mountaineer title. DJ Myers and Travis Bryant were nearly perfect, losing only in the finals.

Congratulations to Caleb Baker. The Lancer big man won his 3rd straight Mountaineer Tournament title.


Team Scores: GM 148, Somerset 126, Central Dauphin East 123.5, PO 121.5,
New Oxford 117, Corry 116, Altoona 114.5, Holidaysburg 75.


2010-2011 Mountaineer Tournament Results

103-Joe Wheeling
Wheeling, Joe (GM) FALL Querry, Dan(alt) :36

Wheeling, Joe (GM) FALL Descavish, Bryan (P-O) 3:36
Wheeling, Joe (GM) FALL Foster, Garrett (Som) 1:25
Wheeling, Joe (GM) DEC Storm, Slade (N-O) 6-0

Tourn Record: 4-0 (PLACED 1ST)

112-Kyle Kuntz
Kuntz, Kyle (GM) FALL Hepler, Dakota (Cor) :21
Damian Huff (Holid) wbf Kuntz, Kyle 4:27
Caverich, Cody (CDE) FALL Kuntz, Kyle (GM) 1:04
Kuntz, Kyle (GM) FALL Jano, Damian (Som) 2:47

Tourn Record: 2-2 (PLACED 5TH)

119-Paul Scharrer
Scharrer, Paul (GM) TF Rocco, Chris (P-O) 6:00
Conaway, Jordan (N-0) FALL Scharrer, Paul (GM) 3:20
Brnadt, TJ (Alt) TF Scharrer, Paul (GM) 4:35
Cataflu, Levi (Cor) DEC Scharrer, Paul (GM) 4-0

Tourn Record: 1-3 (PLACED 4TH)

125-Nate Ferrick
Laue, Mike (Som) FALL Ferrick, Nate (GM) 1:53
illihan, Austin (Cor) FALL Ferrick, Nate (GM) 2:43
Ferrick, Nate (GM) FALL Shoemaker, Josh (Phil) 3:28
Ferrick, Nate (GM) FALL Luciano, Brennan (Alt) :30

Tourn Record: 2-2 (PLACED 5TH)

130-Tim Wheeling
Wheeling, Tim (GM) FALL Millard, Justin (Phil) 1:18
Wheeling, Tim (GM) FALL Joel Zepp (N-O) 1:58
Wheeling, Tim (GM) FALL Ward, AJ (Som) 1:59
Wheeling, Tim (GM) MD Zepp, Joel (N-O) 15-4

Tourn Record: 4-0 (PLACED 1ST)

135-Parker McDermott
McDermott, P (GM) FALL Recker, Michael (Holid) 1:16
reenwalt, Andrew (Phil) FALL McDermott, P (GM) 5:52
Crossan, Ja'ir (CDE) DEC McDermott, P (GM) 10-5 McDermott, P (GM) FALL Wellington, Sal (Cor) 2:39
McDermott, P (GM) MD Basom, Tyler (N-O) 13-1

Tourn Record: 3-2 (PLACED 5TH)


145-DJ Myers
Myers, DJ (GM) FALL Kaplar, Matt (Holid) :27
Myers, DJ (GM) MD Smith, Jared (Phil) 8-0
Myers, DJ (GM) DEC Ickes, Phil (Som) 1-0
Myers, DJ (GM) DEC Bailey, Cody (Cor) 3-0
Myers, Wendall (Alt) DEC Myers, DJ (GM) 3-2

Tourn Record: 4-1 (PLACED 2ND)

152-Tyler Hendricks
Dayhoff, Kyle (N-O) MD Hendricks, T (GM) 13-4
olstron, Logan (Phil) DEC Hendricks, T (GM) 13-6
Hendricks, T (GM) DEC Morris, Ryan (Cor) 8-4
Hendricks, T (GM) FALL Merrits, Brad (Holid) 3:30
Hendricks, T (GM) DEC Lesniak, Connor (Alt) 7-3

Tourn Record: 3-2 (PLACED 5TH)

160-Chris Laird
Greenwalt, Luke (Phil) FALL Laird, Chris (GM) :53
Laird, Chris (GM) DEC Morris, Zack (Cor) 4-2
Laird, Chris (GM) FALL Neary, Cody (Alt) 3:05
M arsh, Andrew (CDE) FALL Laird, Chris (GM) 5:20
Bixler, Cory (N-O) FALL Laird, Chris (GM
) :42

Tourn Record: 2-3 (PLACED 4TH)

171-Bryan Campbell
Campbell, Bryan (GM) DEC Baer, Jon (Som) 7-3
Taubert, Dustin (Cor) FALL Campbell, Bryan (GM) 5:25
Campbell, Bryan (GM) DEC Honeycut, Brady (N-O) 8-5
Lascoli, Damion (Holid) MD Campbell, Bryan(GM) 15-4
Thompson, Jeff (Phil) FALL Campbell, Bryan (GM) 1:10

Tourn Record: 2-3 (PLACED 4TH)

189-Nate Baker
Miller, Larett (Holid) FALL Baker, Jake (GM) 2:43
alters, Nash (Cor) FALL Baker, Jake (GM) 3:37
Burnes, Monte (Alt) DEC Baker, Jake (GM) 7-1
Blough, Pat (Som) DEC Baker, Jake (GM) 3-1
Jacoby, Shaw (N-O) FALL Baker, Jake(GM) 3:46

Tourn Record: 0-5 (DNP)

215-Travis Bryant
Bryant, Travis (GM) FALL Abu-Mahfouz, A (CDE) 1:14
Bryant, Travis (GM) FALL Sealy, Jacob (Cor) 3:23
Bryant, Travis (GM) FALL Milardo, Matt (Holid) 5:28
Baer, Nick (Som) MD Bryant, Travis (GM) 9-1

Tourn Record: 3-1 (PLACED 2ND)

285-Caleb Baker
Baker, Caleb (GM) FALL Bingle, Robert (N-O) :42
Baker, Caleb (GM) FALL Barton, Matt (Holid) :47
Baker, Caleb (GM) FALL Fitzkee, Robert (CDE) 1:10
Baker, Caleb (GM) FALL Luciano, Breaden (Alt) :30
Baker, Caleb (GM) DEC Gluvna, Alec (Cor) 1-0

Tourn Record: 5-0 (PLACED 1ST)







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