News from December...2011
GM Wins Pair over Central Tech and East

The GM wrestling team improved to 4-0 Thursday at Central Tech High School with dual wins over Central Tech and East. Nate Ferrick, Tim Wheeling and Parker McDermott pinned their opponents in both matches. Also going 2-0 on the evening were Joe Wheeling, Keller Watkins, Ken Stoll, DJ Myers, Tyler Hendricks, Chris Laird, Jamie Symanowski and Jake Baker.

Tim Wheeling became just the 18th McLane wrestler to post 100 or more career wins when he pinned Thomas of East. DJ Myers's pair of wins brought his career total to 96. The Lancers will be back in action on January 4th at home against Corry.


General McLane 65 Central Tech 12
106: Joe Wheeling (GM) wbff
113: Keller Watkins (GM) wbmd Lopez, 10-0
120: Harris (CT) wbf Deane Twitchell, 4:26
126: Nate Ferrick (GM) wbf Kames, 5:28
132: Ken Stoll (GM) wbd Mancuso, 15-11
138: Tim Wheeling (GM) wbf Laureano, 1:26
145: Parker McDermott (GM) wbf Silvis, 1:47
152: DJ Myers (GM) wbf Fletcher, 1:01
160: Tyler Hendricks (GM) wbmd Rogers, 10-0
170: Chris Laird (GM) wbff
182: Jamie Symanowski (GM) wbff
195: Jake Baker (GM) wbff
220: Welton (CT) wbf Nick Soboleski, 1:05
285: Ethan Strobel (GM) wbff

General McLane 79 East 6
106: Joe Wheeling (GM) wbff
113: Keller Watkins (GM) wbf Aviles, :54
120: Deane Twitchell (GM) wbff
126: Nate Ferrick (GM) wbf Lomax, :53
132: Ken Stoll (GM) wbf Cabeza, :45
138: Tim Wheeling wbf Thomas, 1:16
145: Parker McDermott (GM) wbf Carr, 1:16
152: DJ Myers (GM) wbff
160: Tyler Hendricks (GM) wbff
170: Chris Laird (GM) wbf Moss, 1:16
182: Jamie Symanowski (GM) wbff
195: Jake Baker (GM) wbff
220: Nick Soboleski wbf Almusa, 4:32
285: Plott (E) wbf Ethan Strobel, 5:06


McLane Whips Visiting Dragons

The GM wrestlers took it to the visiting Warren Dragons on Tuesday evening, racking up 7 pins on the way to a 56-18 win. Tim Wheeling got the ball rolling with a fall over Michael Card in just over 3 minutes. Parker McDermott followed with a convincing 11-2 major decision over Garrett Smead. DJ Myers, Tyler Hendricks and Chris Laird posted back to back to back falls to run the score to 28-0 before Warren got on the board.

Jake Baker and Nick Soboleski both pinned their Warren foes to give the Lancers an insurmountable 40-6 lead. Joe Wheeling picked up a forfeit win in his first appearance of the year, Keller Watkins got the last fall of the night for McLane and Deane Twitchell posted an 11-1 major decision. The Lancers led 56-12 at that point. Warren picked up wins in the last two bouts, but it was too little too late.

Notes: Tim Wheeling picked up his 98th career win tonight and DJ Myers secured his 94th. The team will be back in action Thursday evening in a Tri-meet against Central and East at Central High School. The varsity action starts at 7:00 PM.


General McLane 56 Warren 18
106: Joe Wheeling (GM) wbff
113: Keller Watkins (GM) wbf Nate Park 3:23
120: Deane Twitchell (GM) wbmd Collin Delattre 11-1
126: DJ Fehlman (W) wbd Nate Ferrick 6-0
132: Jonah Horddusky (W) wbd Ken Stoll 5-3
138: Tim Wheeling (GM) wbf Michael Card 3:06
145: Parker McDermott (GM) wbmd Garrett Smead 11-2
152: DJ Myers (GM) wbf Drew Williams :58
160: Tyler Hendricks (GM) wbf Hunter Monehy :34
170: Chris Laird (GM) wbf Daniel Henry 1:08
182: Chris McNeal (W) wbf Jamie Symanowski 3:20
195: Jake Baker (GM) wbf Alex Streich :59
220: Nick Soboleski (GM) wbf Mike Crone 5:34
285: Robert Brown (W) wbf Ethan Strobel 3:56


Lancers Snag Athens Tournament Title

After finishing 6th three years ago and settling for runnerup honors two years in a row, the Lancers finally snagged their first Athens Tournament title on Saturday. The Lancers won the tournament in convincing fashion, outdistancing second place Saegertown by 48 1/2 points. What was most impressive about the win was the fact that the Lancers did it without Joe Wheeling. Joe is temporarily sidelined with an injury.

Leading the charge to the title were tournament champs, DJ Myers, Tim Wheeling and Deane Twitchell. Myers won 7 matches, 4 of them by fall. Wheeling went 6-0 with 3 pins and Twitchell posted a 5-0 record. Nabbing runnerup honors were freshman, Keller Watkins, Nate Ferrick and Parker McDermott. Ken Stoll and Tyler Hendricks took 3rd's. Freshman Nick Soboleski had a nice showing at the tournament, posting a 3-3 record with a pair of pins.

Deane Twitchell was named Wrestler of the Week for his awesome, 5 win, no losses performance in Athens. Twitchell went 1-6 at last year's tournament. Talk about turning it around. Congratulations Deane! Jake Baker won the Flukes Flooring, LLC Big Win of the Week award for Week #2. Jake came back from a 3 point deficit in the first OT ride out to win in ultimate tie breaker. DJ Myers won the (Times-News) Breakout Player of the Week Award for his outstanding performance at the Athens Tournament.


Team scores: General McLane 301, Sagertown 252.5, Greene 213.5, Muncy 196, Johnson City 187.5, Boyerstown 177.5,
Dallas 79.5, Athens Area 40.

McLane Wrestlers at the 2011-12 Athens Tournament

106-Aaron McQuaid
McQuaid wbf Adam Saylor (Ath) 2:42
Dylan Wertz (Boy) bd McQuaid 7-5
McQuaid wbd Jacob Djien (Mu) 7-2
Brandon Wheeler (Gr) wbf 2:52
Isaiah Colgan (JC) wbtf McQuaid 17-2

Tourn Record: 2-3 (PLACED 4TH)

113-Keller Watkins
Watkins wbf Braxton Howell (Gr) 1:17
Watkins wbf Ryan Castle (Boy) 3:52
Watkins wbf Corey McCormick (JC) 4:41
Watkins wbd Dominic Degrabba (Dal) 7-2
Tyler Vath (SA) wbf Watkins 5:02
Watkins wbtf AJ Krah (Mu) 15-0

Tourn Record: 5-1 (PLACED 2ND)

120-Deane Twitchell
Twitchell wbd Jimmy Caffrey (Dal) 6-2

Twitchell wbd Garrett Zuver (Sa) 6-1
Twitchell wbf Keenan Bailey (Gr) 1:27
Twitchell wbtf Dylan Whipple (Ath) 15-0
Twitchell wbd Mike Pega (Mu) 6-5

Tourn Record: 5-0 (PLACED 1ST)

126-Nate Ferrick
Ferrick wbf Tyler Dickman (Gr) 4:48
Ferrick wbf Morgan Schenberg (Sa) 5:32
Ferrick wbf Eric Young (Dal) 2:53

Ferrick wbf Alex Shaul (Mu) 0:47
Eddie Kriczky (Boy) wbf Ferrick 1:34

Tourn Record: 4-1 (PLACED 2ND)

132-Ken Stoll
Stoll wbf Andy Aguilar (Mu) 0:24
Nick Bidwell (JC) wbf Stoll 1:32
Justin Mitchell (Sa) wbmd Stoll 10-2
Stoll wbf Jordan Visnesky (Dal) 0:21
Stoll wbf Cory Shipposh (Ath) 1:57

Tourn Record: 3-2 (PLACED 3RD)

138-Tim Wheeling
Wheeling wbf Jeff Pornbeck (Gr) 1:34
Wheeling wbtf Rueben Maldanado (Boy) 18-2
Wheeling wbd Joe Hamdan (JC) 8-1
Wheeling wbd Matt Humes (Sa) 6-1
Wheeling wbf Marshall LeBlanc (Athens) ???
Wheeling wbf Steven Mingy (Dal) 2:28

Tourn Record: 6-0 (PLACED 1ST)

145-Parker McDermott
McDermott wbf Trevor Parish (Gr) 1:32
McDermott wbd Lance Neuschler (Sa) 4-1
McDermott wbf Matt Anderson (Ath) 0:29
McDermott wbf Jake Salkovitz (Boy) 1:13
McDermott wbd Ben Fay (JC) 8-5
Heath Strickland (Mu) wbd McDermott 7-0

Tourn Record: 5-1 (PLACED 2ND)

152-DJ Myers
Myers wbf Dominic Taylor (JC) 1:21
Myers wbf Cody Richman (Boy) 4:31
Myers wbd Isaiah Bobitis (Mu) 5-1
Myers wbf Kris Roccograndi (Dal) 1:07
Myers wbf Aaron Jackson (Sa) 11-0
Myers wbf Chris Pack (Ath) 1:28
Myers wbff Dan Dickman (Gr)

Tourn Record: 7-0 (PLACED 1ST)

160-Tyler Hendricks
Handricks wbd Bill Dixson (Dal) 5-1
Hendricks wbd Jeremy Mitchell (Sa) 7-1
Hendricks wbf Anthony Johns (JC) 3:32
John Nieman (Boy) wbd Hendricks 5-3
Hendricks wbf Brett Ramsey (Gr) 1:18
Hendricks wbf TJ Moyle (Mu) 0:55
Greg Kleinsman (JC) wbd Hendricks 7-4

Tourn Record: 5-2 (PLACED 3RD)

170-Chris Laird
Zach Colgan (JC) wbmd Laird
Laird wbf Pat Donnelly (Ath) 3:37
Joel Roselle (Gr) wbd Laird 7-4
Troy Hembury (Mu) wbmd Laird 14-1
Dominic Oliveri (Dal) wbd Laird 7-4
Laird wbd Andrew Boylan (Sa) 5-0
Grey Garber (Boy) wbtf Laird 15-0

Tourn Record: 2-5 (DNP)

182-Jamie Symanowski
Chase Garber (Boy) wbwbd Symanowski
Keegan Serwinski (Gr) wbf Symanowski 1:13
Brock Henderson (Sa) wbd Symanowski 5-0
Jake Colburn (Mu) wbd Symanowski 6-1
Symanowski wbff Dominic Chopka (Dal)

Tourn Record: 1-4 (DNP)

195-Jake Baker
Skyler Ebner (Mu) wbtf Baker 15-0
Jordan Wertz (Boy) wbd Baker 2-0
Reggie Williams (JC) wbf Baker 0:59

Baker wbd Jared Young (Sa) 3-1
Baker wbd Ryan Monk (Dal) 5-4

Tourn Record: 2-3 (PLACED 4TH)

220-Nick Soboleski
Soboleski wbf eth Shaughnessy (Ath) 1:06
Kyle Stanton (Gr) wbf Soboleski 0:36
Soboleski wbmd Niko Cejic (JC) 8-0
Soboleski wbf Ethan Martin (Boy) 0:32
Josh Tomiczek (Sa) wbf Soboleski 1:01
Chris Secules (Mu) wbf Soboleski 3:19

Tourn Record: 3-3 (PLACED 4TH)

285-Ethan Strobel
Strobel wbf Austin Jacobs (Boy) 4:20
Alex Shaughnessy (Ath) wbf Strobel 3:44
Nick Roberts (Mu) wbd Strobel 6-3
Chris Kehoe (Gr) wbf Strobel 0:41
Brandon Stafford (Sa) wbf Strobel 1:01
Josh Dember (JC) wbf Strobel 5:30

Tourn Record: 1-5 (DNP)


GM Wrestlers Throttle Colonels in Home Opener!

The Mclane wrestling crew opened the 2011-2012 season with a bang Wednesday evening at home with a big, 70-5 win over visiting Strong Vincent. Tim Wheeling posted his 91st career win with a pin at 138 lbs. DJ Myers, Tyler Hendricks and Jake Baker also posted falls for the Lancers.

GM led 46-0 until Vincent finally got on the board with it's only win, a fall at 285. Chris Laird, Parker McDermott and Jamie Symanowski also picked up wins for McLane. Laird was dominating in a 9-1 thrashing of Saif Hasan. Symanowski nailed his first varsity win with a hard fought, 4-2 decison. Picking up forfeit wins for McLane were Ken Stoll, Nick Soboleski, Aaron McQuaid, Keller Watkins, Deane Twitchell, and Nate Ferrick.

The Lancers will be back in action this weekend at the Athens Tournament. Good luck guys!!!

General McLane 70 Strong Vincent 5
106: Aaron McQuaid (GM) wbff
113: Keller Watkins (GM) wbff
120: Deane Twitchell (GM) wbff
126: Nate Ferrick (GM) wbff
132: Ken Stoll (GM) wbff
138: Tim Wheeling (GM) wbf Donald Keys :53
145: Parker McDermott (GM) wbd Jared Carlson 6-1
152: DJ Myers (GM) wbf Dijon Deboe 3:04
160: Tyler Hendricks (GM) wbf Brandon Jurkiewicz 5:03
170: Chris Laird (GM) wbmd Saif Hasan 9-1
182: Jamie Symanowski (GM) wbd Roger Rood 4-2
195: Jake Baker (GM) wbf Josh Jones 1:50
220: Nick Soboleski (GM) wbff
285: Maxx Swoger (SV) wbf Ethan Strobel 1:25

*Strong Vincent was penalized one team point following the 182 lbs. bout.






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