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It was a tough season and an even tougher week for the GM wrestling team. Misfortune struck earlier this week when Matt Leehan was injured and had to withdraw from the NW Regional Tournament. Then a rule change prevented Jackson Spires from making a possible third straight trip to Hershey.

In the past, three wrestlers advanced from regionals to the state tournament. But this season the entire format was changed and only two wrestlers would qualify to move on. Spires, who was ranked 7th in the state, made the finals but lost by technical fall to 4th ranked, Ethan Richner of Bellefonte. That meant Jackson had to wrestle for true second. Spires faced off against 5th ranked, Coy Bastian of Selinsgrove and lost a 7-5 heart breaker that ended his quest for another state berth and his high school career. Sadly, the season and high school wrestling career also ended earlier in the week for senior, Matt Leehan, who suffered a fractured ankle at practice.

Ben Watkins, Ethan Brest, Wilson Spires, Magnus Lloyd and James Laird were also eliminated from the tournament. Brest, Watkins and Lloyd all went 0-2. Wilson Spires went 1-2 to place 4th as did James Laird. The only good news that came out of the tournament was James Laird's victory in the consy quarter finals was the 100th of his career!


Jackson Spires was out of the lineup with an injury his entire freshman year. Unfortunately, off and on injuries plagued him for the rest of his wrestling career. Despite this fact, Spires managed a 58-15 career record, won three district 10 titles and qualified for the state tournament both his sophomore and junior years. He placed 7th in Hershey last year.

Matt Leehan also had a stellar wrestling career. He was the first GM wrestler to record 100 wins before he was a senior. Had this been any normal season, I have no doubt that Matt would have broken the 'career wins' record. As it was, Leehan finished with 118 wins, good enough for 11th best all-time. He was a district 10 champ and a two time state qualifier. He became just the 6th McLane wrestler to qualify for the state tournament as a freshman in 2018!

James Laird also had a great career on the mats for GM. He was a two time section champion and racked up 100 wins.


Team Scores: 1. Bellefonte 119, 2. Williamsport 114.5, 3. Cathedral Prep 11, 4. State College 110, 5. Mifflin County 58.5, 6. Altoona 54, 7. Central Mountain 54, 8. Clearfield 51, 9. DuBois 47.5, 9. Selinsgrove 47.5, 11. General McLane 31, 12.McDowell 28, 13. Meadville 25, 14. Juniata 15, 15. Punxsutawney 14, 15. St. Mary's 14, 17. Alderdice 4, 17. Holidaysburg 4, 19. Brashear 0, 19. Obama Academy 0, 19. Westinghouse 0.



Individual GM Wrestlers at the 2021 NW Regional AAA Tournament

113-Ben Watkins #6
QF: #3 L Seagraves (WIL) wbtf Watkins 16-0 (3:37)
Cons QF: Bye
Cons SF: #5 A. O'Shea (BEL) wbf Watkins 0:43

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

120-Ethan Brest #8
QF: #1 L Aikey (BELF) wbf Brest 0:51
Cons QF: D. Mayer (ALD) wbmd Brest 8-0

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

145-Matt Leehan #2
Out with injury

160-Jackson Spires #1
QF: Spires wbd #8 R Gildersleeve (DUB) 8-1
SF: Spires wbd #5 C Wall (HOL) 7-2
#2 E. Richner (BEL) WBTF Spires 15-0 (5:24)
True 2nd: #3 C. Bastian wbd Spires 7-5

Tourn Record: 2-2 (PLACED 3RD)

172-Magnus Lloyd #3
QF: #6 L Urbas (SC) wbmd Lloyd 18-4
Cons QF: Bye
Cons SF: #5 C Chamberlain (CLF) wbd Lloyd 7-6

Tourn Record: 0-2 (DNP)

189-James Laird #6
QF: #3 W Wehler (ST M) wbf Laird 1:49
Cons QF: Bye
Cons SF: Laird wbd #8 S. Miller (SEL) 4-0 (WIN 100)
Cons F: #1 G. Buzzell (MDV) wbf Laird 0:10

Tourn Record: 1-2 (PLACED 4TH)

285-Wilson Spires #8
QF: #6 O. Billotte wbf Spires 1:00
Cons QF: Bye
Cons SF: Spires wbd #5 H Schoen (SC) 3-2
Cons F: #2 T. Manley (ALT) wbd Spires 3-1

Tourn Record: 1-2 (PLACED 4TH)



The GM wrestlers made the 2021 district tournament interesting. They pushed seven wrestlers into the finals and gave Cathedral Prep a run for their money. Jackson Spires won his third consecutive district title at 160 pounds. Spires won District 10 AA titles in 2019 and 2020. Matt Leehan nabbed his first District 10 title at 145 but became a rare, four time regional qualifier! Also placing first for GM was freshman, Magnus Lloyd at 172 lbs. Ethan Brest (120), James Laird (189) and Wilson Spires (285) will also advance to the NW Regional Tournament with runner up finishes.

Jackson Spires, the top seed at 160, had a bye in the quarterfinal round, then decked McDowell's Caleb Butterfield in 2:57. Spires took the title with a hard fought, 5-2 decision over Prep's state ranked, Kelyn Blossey in the finale. Spires hit an outside single, converted it into a takedown 40 seconds into the bout and then rode Blossey out to take a 2-0 lead into the second period. Spires chose neutral, hit another single leg, took a 4-0 lead and once again rode out his opponent. Blossey opted to go neutral in the final period and converted a takedown of his own when he countered a Spires shot. Jackson escaped a few seconds later to make the score 5-2 and that's how it would end.

Matt Leehan pinned Warren's Donovan Fiscus in the semis and then pulled out an 8-6 overtime win over Prep's state ranked, Steffan Lynch in the finals. After being poked in the eye midway through the first period, Leehan returned to the mat and immediately used a snap down and throw by to take a 2-0 lead. Lynch escaped to make it 2-1 after one period. In the second stanza, Leehan attempted to tilt Lynch, but got caught in a Peterson and gave up a reversal and two back points. He quickly reversed Lynch but Lynch escaped to make the score 6-4 in favor of the Rambler. Leehan chose the down position in the third period. Lynch rode him with the boots in for nearly a minute, but Matt finally shrugged him off for a reversal and knotted the score at 6. After riding Lynch out the two headed for OT. Matt made a deep shot on Lynch and tried to come out the backdoor but the attempt ended in a stalemate. The two restarted and 20 seconds later, Leehan shot deep, this time hooking the leg to pull out an 8-6 victory!

Magnus Llyod was McLane's third champ at 172 lbs. Llyod probably had the most dominating performance. He won his semifinal match by 16-0 technical fall and then scored another technical fall over Prep's Owen Shetler in the finals. Taking second and also moving on to regionals were Ben Watkins, Ethan Brest, James Laird and Wilson Spires. Laird faced Meadville's state ranked Griffin Buzzell in the finals and dropped a 6-5 squeaker. It was the second time in two weeks that Laird lost to Buzzell but this week's loss was much closer than Buzzell's previous 7-2 decision. Wilson Spires also lost to a familiar opponent in the finals. He came out on the short end of a 3-1 SV decision to McDowell's Mark Chambers. But Spires also made this one closer than their previous meeting in early February when Wilson lost by a 5-1 count.

Also placing for GM were: Chris Gillette (3rd), Jacob Zeiser (4th), Kyle Cousins (3rd), Chance Kimmy (4th), Ryan Dedrick (3rd) and Wyatt Hall (3rd). It was a banner day for the General McLane wrestling coaches who swept the Coach of the Year awards. Ryan Cook was named District 10 AAA Coach of the Year, with Hunter Harrison being selected as the Assistant Coach of the Year. Hunter won the award last year in AA. Zach Lucas was named Jr. High Coach of the Year. Lucas also won the award in AA last season.

The McLane regional qualifiers will be back in action on February 27th in Altoona at the NW Regional AAA Tournament.


Matt Leehan not only won the 145 lbs. title, the 2 wins put him at 118 for his career, good enough for 11th place all-time. Leehan also has 61 career falls now. Good enough for 6th best of all-time. Magnus Lloyd has had an amazing freshman year. He leads the team with wins (19), technical falls (6), 2 point turns (31), 3 point turns (10) and team points (149). James Laird has 18 wins this season and is at 99 for his career!

2021 District 10 AAA Finals
106 Sam Staab (CP) wbd Logan Sallot (McD) 9-7
113 Jake Van Dee (CP) wbf Ben Watkins (GM) 1:40
120 Ian Irvin (CP) wbd Ethan Brest (GM) 6-5
126 Philip Stark (CP) wbf Aidan Northup (Erie) 5:20
132 Kaemen Smith (CP) wbf Westin Chess (Mdv) 3:53
138 Logan Carrick (McD) wbf Brighton Anderson (Mdv) 4:15
145 Matt Leehan (GM) wbd Steffan Lynch (CP) 8-6 SV
152 Paniro Johnson (CP) wbf Artis Simmons (McD) 1:34
160 Jackson Spires (GM) wbd Kelyn Blossey (CP) 5-2
172 Magnus Lloyd (GM) wbtf Owen Shetler (CP) 15-0 3:33
189 Griffin Buzzell (Mdv) wbd James Laird (GM) 7-6
215 John Campbell (CP) wbd Rhoan Woodrow (Mdv) 11-7
285 Mark Chambers (McD) wbd Wilson Spires (GM) 3-1 SV


Team scores: 1. Cathedral Prep 203, 2. General McLane 167, 3. McDowell 125.5, 4. Meadville 90, 5. Warren 20, 6. Erie 13.


Individual GM Wrestlers at the 2021 District 10-AAA Tournament

106-Chris Gillette #3
SF: #2 L. Sallot (McD) wbf Gillette 0:36
Cons F: Bye

Record: 0-1 (PLACED 3RD)

113-Ben Watkins #2
SF: Watkins wbf #3 C. Ream (Mdv) 5:06
F: #1 J. VanDee (CP) wbf Watkins 1:40

Record: 1-1 (PLACED 2ND)

120-Ethan Brest #2
SF: Brest wbd #3 S. Altman (Mdv) 9-3
#1 I Irvin (CP) wbd Brest 6-5

Record: 1-1 (PLACED 2ND)

126-Jacob Zeiser #3
SF: #2 A. Northup (Erie) wbd Zeiser 8-1
Cons F: #4 A. Kinder (Mdv) wbd Zeiser 15-8

Record: 0-2 (PLACED 4TH)

132-Kyle Cousins #4
QF: Cousins wbf #5 H Cruz (War) 1:08
SF: K Smith (CP) wbf Cousins 3:57
Cons SF: Cousins wbf P. Kashindi (Erie) 11-1
True 2nd: #2 W Chess (Mdv) wbd Cousins 9-3
3rd/4th: Cousins wbmd #3 N Digello (McD) 11-1

Tourn Record: 3-2 (PLACED 3RD)

138-Chance Kimmy #4
QF: Kimmy wbmd #5 L. Douvios (War) 13-4
SF: #1 B. Anderson (Mdv) wbf Kimmy 3:56
Cons SF: Kimmy wbf #6 J. Previte (Erie) 4:36
3rd/4th: E Hunt (CP) wbtf Kimmy 17-1 (4:18)

Tourn Record: 2-2 (PLACED 4TH)

145-Matt Leehan #2
SF: Leehan wbf #3 D. Fiscuss (War) 1:16
F: Leehan wbd #1 S. Lynch (CP) 8-6 SV-1

Tourn Record: 2-0 (PLACED 1ST)

152-Ryan Dedrick #2
SF: #3 A. Simmons (McD) wbf Dedrick 3:49
Cons F: Dedrick wbf #4 N. Penucci (War) 2:58

Tourn Record: 1-1 (PLACED 3RD)

160-Jackson Spires #1
QF: Bye
SF: Spires wbf C. Butterfield (McD) 2:57
F: Spires wbd #3 K. Blossey (CP) 5-2

Tourn Record: 2-0 (PLACED 1ST)

172-Magnus Lloyd #1
Lloyd wbtf #4 L. Douvios (War) 16-0 (2:32)
F: Lloyd wbtf #3 O. Shetler (CP) 15-0 (3:33)

Tourn Record: 2-0 (PLACED 1ST)

189-James Laird #2
QF: Bye
SF: Laird wbf #3 T. Petterson (McD) 1:55
F: #1 #1G. Buzzell (McD) wbd Laird 6-5

Tourn Record: 1-1 (PLACED 2ND)

215- Wyatt Hall #3
SF: #2 R. Woodrow (Mdv) wbd Hall 9-4
Cons F: Hall wbf #4 T. Dolan (War) 1:15

Tourn Record: 1-1 (PLACED 3RD)

285-Wilson Spires #2
SF: Spires wbf #3 M. Hudson (CP) 1:42
F: #1 M. Chambers (McD) wbd Spires 3-1 SV-1

Tourn Record: 1-1 (PLACED 2ND)



The GM wrestling team concluded the 2020-2021 wrestling season by knocking off Erie and Meadville in a Tri-Meet at home on Senior Night. The Lancers beat Erie, 75-0 and then rolled over Meadville, 49-16 to nab 2nd place in the region standings.

The first match against the Erie Royals was peppered with forfeits but the Lancers won all five contested matches. Chance Kimmy (138), James Laird (189), Wilson Spires (285) and Kyle Cousins all won their bouts by fall. Jacob Zeiser added a 7-3 decision at 126 lbs. Cousins had the fastest fall of the evening when he decked his opponent in just 49 ticks!

In the second match, GM beat the Bulldogs, 49-16. The two teams split the eight contested bouts, 4-4 but McLane edged Meadville on bonus points. The McLane vs. Meadville match featured a bout between two state ranked wrestlers, James Laird and Griffin Buzzell at 189 lbs. Buzzell won this meeting with a 7-2 decision, but the two wrestlers could very well bang heads again next week at districts. Ben Watkins (113) and Jacob Zeiser (126) both won their matches by fall. Dan Mulligan (160) added a major decision and Ethan Brest pulled out a 5-3 decision at 120.

Ethan Brest, Jacob Zeiser, Chance Kimmy, Matt Leehan, Dan Mulligan, Magnus Lloyd and Wilson Spires all went 2-0. The post season will get underway next Thursday, February 18th at Cathedral Prep.


James Laird and Magnus Lloyd lead the team with 17 wins each. Wilson Spires added to his pin total and now has 11 on the season...James Laird and Kyle Cousins have 9 falls apiece. Matt Leehan's two wins last night gave him 116 for his career. That ties him for 11th place with former McLane wrestler and state place winner, Tom Kirdahy. Last year Matt became the first wrestler in the history of the program to hit 100 wins during his junior year. He finished last season with 106 and very well may have broken the career wins record had this been a 'normal' year. But Leehan is not finished yet and can still add a few more wins to his total during the post season.

Good luck to the wrestling seniors, Shamus Ford, Cody Stempka, Luke Salamonsen, James Laird, Jackson Spires, Matt Leehan and Gabe Bayle! We will miss watching you all wrestle but wish you luck in your future endeavors!


General Mclane 75 Erie High 0
138: Chance Kimmy (GM) wbf Pasya Kashindi 3:45
145: Matt Leehan (GM) wb ff
152: Daniel Mulligan (GM) wb ff
160: Jackson Spires (GM) wb ff
172: Magnus Lloyd (GM) wb ff
189: James Laird (GM) wbf Alex Spaulding 0:54
215: Wyatt Hall (GM) wb ff
285: Wilson Spires (GM) wbf Malachi Garner 0:50
106: Christian Gillette (GM) wb ff
113: Ben Watkins (GM) wb ff
120: Ethan Brest (GM) wb ff
126: Jacob Zeiser (GM) wbd Josia Previte 7-3
132: Kyle Cousins (GM) wbf Aidan Northup 0:49

General Mclane 49 Meadville 16
145: Matt Leehan (GM) wb ff
152: Ryan Dedrick (GM) wb ff
160: Daniel Mulligan (GM) wbmd Ty Tidball 12-0
172: Magnus Lloyd (GM) wb ff
189: Griffin Buzzell (M) wbd James Laird 7-2
215: Rhoan Woodrow (M) wbf Wyatt Hall 3:06
285: Wilson Spires (GM) wb ff
106: Mekhi Walker (M) wbmd Christian Gillette 15-1
113: Ben Watkins (GM) wbf Caden Ream 3:37
120: Ethan Brest (GM) wbd Shane Altman 5-3
126: Jacob Zeiser (GM) wbf Alex Kinder 3:43
132: Westin Chess (M) wbd Kyle Cousins 10-7
138: Chance Kimmy (GM) wb ff



The Lancer grapplers won their 7th dual meet of the year on Tuesday at home against Saegertown by a score of 50-12. Magnus Lloyd provided the GM fans with some entertainment that was worth the price of admission about halfway through the contest. Trailing Saegertown's unbeaten Josh Parker, 3-0 with 1:18 remaining in the match, Magnus sat out and turned in for an escape, making the score, 3-1. Then things got interesting. Lloyd attempted an unsuccessful double leg shot and re-shot with 30 seconds left, but managed to back out and restart. With time running out he waded in, locked up an over-under with just 9 seconds remaining, hit a perfect lateral drop and got a four count to pull out a 5-3 victory!

James Laird racked up his 16th win of the season and 97th of his career with a pin at 189 lbs. to put the Lancers up, 47-12 with just two bouts to go. Wyatt Hall lost a heart breaking, 1-0 decision at 215, but then Wilson Spires closed out the match by posting a 4-1 victory at heavyweight. Dan Mulligan and Jessi Stempka also added wins for the Lancers. Mulligan won by technical fall at 152 lbs. and Stempka posted an 8-1 decision at 160. Ben Watkins, Ethan Brest, Kyle Cousins and Chance Kimmy picked up forfeit wins in the contest.

The team will finish the dual meet season on Wednesday at home against Erie and Meadville.


General Mclane 50 Saegertown 12
106: Karleigh Steiner (S) wbd Christian Gillette 4-3
113: Hunter Robison (S) wb ff
120: Ben Watkins (GM) wb ff
126: Jacob Zeiser (GM) wbf Carter Stewart 2:35
132: Ethan Brest (GM) wb ff
138: Kyle Cousins (GM) wb ff
145: Chance Kimmy (GM) wb ff
152: Daniel Mulligan (GM) wbtf Garrick Jordan 15-0 (5:55)
160: Jessi Stempka (GM) wbd Jacob Reisinger 8-1
172: Magnus Lloyd (GM) wbd Landon Caldwell 5-3
189: James Laird (GM) wbf Matthew Nale 2:28
215: Joshua Perrine (S) wbd Wyatt Hall 1-0
285: Wilson Spires (GM) wbd Porter Brooks 4-1



The McLane wrestling team, still without state ranked, Matt Leehan and Jackson Spires, dropped two out of three matches at Saturday's home quad meet. The Lancers crushed Eisenhower, 57-6 but then lost back to back matches to a tough Clearfield team and state ranked, Hickory. The Lancers actually had a 31-18 lead over Hickory but couldn't hold it as they lost the last four bouts.

Three GM wrestlers went unbeaten on the day. Kyle Cousins, Jessi Stempka and James Laird all went 3-0 with 2 pins each. The team will finish the dual meet and region schedule this Wednesday, February 10th with a Tri-Meet against Erie and Meadville.


James Laird leads the team with 15 wins on the season. He also has 96 career wins! Wilson Spires went 2-1 on Saturday and added a pin to his total. Spires leads the team with 10 falls. Magnus Lloyd also went 2-1 with one pin and one major decision. Llyod leads the team in technical falls with 3.


General Mclane 57 Eisenhower 6
126: Jacob Zeiser (GM) wbf Derek Childs 3:00
132: Kyle Cousins (GM) wbf Kamden Ferrand 0:32
138: Chance Kimmy (GM) wbf Cameron Jakubczak 1:20
145: Double Forfeit
152: Daniel Mulligan (GM) wbd Tucker Lindell 6-2
160: Jessi Stempka (GM) wbf Shawn Pascuzzi 2:30
172: Magnus Lloyd (GM) wbf Josh Parker 0:53
189: James Laird (GMH) wbf Benji Bauer 1:40
215: Mikael Beaver (E) wbd Wyatt Hall 2-1
285: Wilson Spires (GM) wbf Tristen Wilcox 0:26
106: Christian Gillette (GM) wb ff
113: Ben Watkins (GM) wb ff
120: Cole Kellogg (E) wbd Ethan Brest 8-1

Hickory 41 General Mclane 31
132: Kyle Cousins (GM) wbf Kyle Venetta 0:57
138: Cody Miller (H) wbf Chance Kimmy 1:48
145: Luke Ruffo (H) wb ff
152: Carter Gill (H) wbf Daniel Mulligan 3:19
160: Jessi Stempka (GM) wbf Cameron Bucher 2:54
172: Magnus Lloyd (GM) wbmd Ty Holland 14-1
189: James Laird (GM) wbf Ty Tate 1:43
215: Wyatt Hall (GM) wb ff
285: Wilson Spires (GM) wbd Kaleb Turcotte 5-2
106: Louie Gill (H) wbf Christian Gillette 2:34
113: Justin O`Neil (H) wbf Ben Watkins 0:32
120: Timmy Krivosh (H) wbf Ethan Brest 3:48
126: Connor Saylor (H) wbtf Jacob Zeiser 15-0 (2:00)

Clearfield 41 General Mclane 23
138: Justin Hand (C) wbf Chance Kimmy 3:06
145: Will Domico (C) wb ff
152: Karson Kline (C) wbmd Daniel Mulligan 12-0
160: Jessi Stempka (GM) wbtf Wyatt Reorda 16-0 (4:42)
172: Carter Chamberlain (C) wbd Magnus Lloyd 10-7
189: James Laird (GM) wbd Mark McGonigal 7-4
215: Hayden Kovalick (C) wbmd Wyatt Hall 9-1
285: Oliver Billotte (C) wbf Wilson Spires 0:47
106: Christian Gillette (GM) wb ff
113: Evan Davis (C) wbf Ben Watkins 1:35
120: Ethan Brest (GM) wb ff
126: Nolan Barr (C) wbf Jacob Zeiser 1:45
132: Kyle Cousins (GM) wbd Luke Freeland 8-6



The GM wrestling team notched their 5th win of the season over McDowell on Friday at home on Takedown Cystic Fibrosis Night. Jacob Zeiser won by forfeit at 126 lbs. to give the Lancers a 6-0 advantage out of the gate, but the Trojans won the next four contested bouts to take a 17-6 lead.

Magnus Lloyd started to turn things around for GM when he racked up a 16-0, first period technical fall at 172. James Laird followed with more bonus points when he posted a 10-0 shutout at 189. But it was Wyatt Hall who gave the team a little breathing room. Hall was in a tight match that looked like it could go either way when he put a half nelson on Wood, forced him to his back and got the fall with just 14 seconds remaining in the second period. That gave McLane a 21-17 lead with four bouts remaining.

Mark Chambers brought McDowell back to within a point when he bested Wilson Spires by a 5-1 count. Logan Sallot got the Trojans back the lead with a pin at 106, but McDowell had to forfeit the last two weight classes. Final score: GM 33 McDowell 26.


General Mclane 33 McDowell 26
126: Jacob Zeiser (GM) wb ff
132: Nathan DiGello (M) wbmd Kyle Cousins 15-6
138: Logan Carrick (M) wbf Chance Kimmy 1:16
145: Double Forfeit
152: Caleb Butterfield (M) wbmd Daniel Mulligan 13-4
160: Artis Simmons (M) wbd Jessi Stempka 7-5
172: Magnus Lloyd (GM) wbtf Noah Bielak 16-0 1:59
189: James Laird (GM) wbmd Troy Peterson 10-0
215: Wyatt Hall (GM) wbf Bryce Wood 3:47
285: Mark Chambers (M) wbd Wilson Spires 5-1
106: Logan Sallot (M) wbf Christian Gillette 1:30
113: Ben Watkins (GM) wb ff
120: Ethan Brest (GM) wb ff



After starting the season with four straight dual meet wins, a short handed GM wrestling team fell to 6th ranked, Erie Cathedral Prep on Wednesday, by a score of 52-19. The Lancers were without two state ranked wrestlers. Matt Leehan and Jackson Spires were both out of the lineup. The Ramblers jumped out to an insurmountable, 46-0 lead by winning the first eight bouts, five of them by fall. McLane won four out of the last five, but it wasn't enough.

Freshman, Magnus Llyod, finally got the Lancers on the board when he posted a 9-7 decision over 25th ranked junior, Kelyn Blossey at 172 lbs. James Laird followed by racking up a 13-1 major decision at 189. The Ramblers got another win by fall at 215 before GM closed out with back to back wins at 285 and 106. Wilson Spires decked Mark Hudson at 285 lbs. and then Chris Gillette won by forfeit at 106.

The team will be back in action on Friday at home against McDowell for Takedown Cystic Fibrosis Night and then on Saturday in a quad vs. Hickory, Clearfield and Eisenhower.


Wilson Spires is on a roll. He posted his 10th victory of the season against Prep and 9 of those wins are pins. Spires has already racked up 44 wins in his short career, 32 of them by fall. Amazing! James Laird and Magnus Llyod lead the team with 11 wins each. Laird needs just 8 more wins to hit 100 for his career.


Cathedral Prep 52 General McLane 19
113: Sam Staab (CP) wbf Ben Watkins 3:12
120: Jacob Van Dee (CP) wbf Ethan Brest 1:02
126: Philip Stark (CP) wbf Jacob Zeiser 1:37
132: Kaemen Smith (CP) wbf Kyle Cousins 1:52
138: Elijah Hunt (CP) wbf Chance Kimmy 1:17
145: Clay Mallory (CP) wb ff
152: Steffan Lynch (CP) wbtf Daniel Mulligan 16-0 3:02
160: Paniro Johnson (CP) wbtf Jessi Stempka 22-3 2:23)
172: Magnus Lloyd (GM) wbd Kelyn Blossey 9-7
189: James Laird (GM) wbmd Owen Shetler 13-1
215: John Campbell (CP) wbf Wyatt Hall 2:45
285: Wilson Spires (GM) wbf Mark Hudson III 4:08
106: Christian Gillette (GM) wb ff .




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